This is my participate post in Splinterlands Art Weekly Contest 132

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Hello everyone,

I hope you're having a great day.

Best wishes to all the member and well-wishers.

This is my participate post in Splinterlands Art Weekly Contest 132

Today My subject : Demented Shark

Week 132 Source Link




How To make me the Art Demented Shark. I am really love the Splinterlands Art Contest post

The drawing was made in my hand with pencil and another Materials Needs For that Drawing . please see bellow

Art Paper.


Poster Colour


Gel pen

Color pencil


water etc














I like the picture very much. I drew the picture with a lot of minds. I was drew the picture with a pencil and then I painted it step by step.

If you like the picture
Encourage me so that I can draw better

My mother bought me everything I needed for draw the picture.

I like Splinterlands battle games very much. still I can not play the game.
Because I have not much hive Dollar. If there is Hive dollar then I will play the game

I like pictures of every card in the game .

I had to work a little harder for the Draw of the picture .

Because this is the first time. I first drew the picture with that cat . Then I painted it

Slowly I filled the picture with yellow. all color and made the picture beautiful with a gel pen. It took lot of techniques to draw the picture.

My detail's

My name is Morium Akter Mim

I am bangladeshi. i am a student ,

I have to do art. I have loved drawing since childhood. My parents love me a lot.I like to read story books I like to take pictures. I like to travel to new places. I like to talk to new people . I like to mingle with new friend .I have a brother . My brother helps me with paintbrushes while doing art.My dream is to be a great artist .I like to draw new pictures.

friends ,help me so that do something good on the hive, i hope you will accept me easily,


Good Luck to all of you

That's all for now. I'll come with an interesting post again.

Please support me to keep having more of my works and you can follow me, so that you can see my future posts and you're always welcome to my blog.



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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

It's a nice one.
Well done.
Keep up the good work.

That shark is looking awesome. Well drawn.
you can use ocd tag in your posts as well to get better reach.

oh yes i will do my next post