A feature request for Scotbot - Delegation of SCOT tokens

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Ever since the introduction of SCOT and Scotbot, development has been rolling out at an impressive speed. I'm impressed by what @holger80 and @harpagon have been able to do in such a short period of time. The feature sets and customizable parameters for tokens have been developing at a rapid pace. The ability to stake tokens was followed by the ability to mine and airdrop tokens. There is one feature however that I would still like to see introduced for Scotbot.

Delegation of SCOT tokens

As many of the SCOT projects such as SCT, PAL and SPT are gaining greater adoption, we are seeing more and more people stake their tokens. However, curating posts in these communities can be a time-consuming task and not everyone is interested in manually curating posts. So like Steem Power, I would like to see delegations made available for these SCOT based tokens, so that passive investors are able to profit from utilizing their staked tokens.

What do you think? Is delegation of SCOT tokens something you would use?

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May well use delegation and I have heard that it should t available in a few weeks.

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O that’s good news. Thanks for letting me know.

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Welcome 😁

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