Does Untamed suck/deliver? - few days later

in #splinterlands10 months ago

As a new player I was happy to achieve season ending so soon. I got 9 reward cards for ending it in Bronze 1.

I started to play 6 days ago, not using my full DEC power, just playing from time to time, checking how far you can go with starter pack.

It was easy at first but after achieving about 600 points it was much harder. Also daily rewards were not to helpful (was unlucky with cards). After getting season rewards, I have cards worth 0.46$ that could be sold (or 300 DEC).

I will keep new OP rewards like Boogeyman, Baby Unicorn and Screeching Vulture. Also wanna keep Wood Nymph for healing and Chicken I got from daily's.

Now need to check how these cards help newbie players.