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RE: Splinterlands | Reasons DEC Price Will Go Up +33%

It certainly feels cheap ATM, probably not helped by a BOT sell off of Betas.

I remember during the Halfing promotion DEC rose considerably. So there is definitely potential.

I'm stacking mine for Land, I'm trying to keep my stash about 500K.


Maybe the sellers want to take advantage of getting DEC for the cards knowing it will rise in price.
I was greedy during the Halfing promotion and wanted 0.95$ for 1000 DEC but it only got around 0.90$
No brainer right now to get into dec if you plan on buying land, I guess the burn factor will now be way higher compared to the last pormotion.

It really feels like a no-brainer getting some DEC to sell at a higher price once the sale goes live. in worst case you get your money back. The conversion hassle and possibility other crypto shoots up in price while waiting for DEC to move makes me just hodl everything I earn right now.

Good luck on getting some good land!