For Splinterlands "WARRIOR LION" my Art, My inspiration.

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The Lion has always been represented a symbol of bravery, courage and strength, in nature it has been given the name of the king of the jungle and in medieval times it represented virtue and honor among the most courageous elite warriors among the squads of the king, including various specific royal war armor on his reflected Lion chest and many times on shields.


Based on that, I wanted to create a drawing inspired by this great animal and take it to the Splinterlands game. I titled it "WARRIOR LION" for its virtues and the representation it has had, I think that the ideal would be to be part of the Element of Life. With the ability to regain life but only at level 1, later on it would place him increasing the shield of all the allied monsters and against attack.

I drew it through PAINT using the pencil and a lot of patience, it took almost 5 days to do it, but once I finished it I felt great satisfaction.

I wanted to show it for the previous contest but it didn't finish on time, however here it is!

I started with the nose as an initial base because of how easy it is and because it is a good reference to start with.




After having the face I proceeded to draw it for further inspiration seeing how it already had a shape and from there I continued with the step that I think was one of the easiest when drawing and was creating the mane.




Although the mane was easy to perform, I had to erase several times to give it a good distribution, and then add a few shading touches with slightly darker shades.




Finished the face, it took me a long time while I thought with the body would develop, I thought to do it as the Lion is naturally on all four legs, but I visualized it at the end with armor and standing.




At this point they were finishing my creation and I really would like to be taken into account for a new letter and I know they would improve it.







Lastly, I went to the tool one of my favorites to do the editing and give it a more real touch, improve the shadows, give it more highlight, improve the lines and soften the drawing completely and in the end I liked the result.

My "WARRIOR LION" is ready for battle, a true warrior with a desire to do justice.




Finally I included it in the card although I think I should have given it a little more life and raised the cost of the mana but I hope you liked it.



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