Creating and Powering up a dedicated Splinterlands .SPT Account

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If you don't know about the SPT token and you write 'anything' about Splinterlands then you should be using the #spt tag on your posts.

SPT is the official token for anything Splinterlands and I used to have a lot more of these tokens in my wallet. This was before the STEEM/HIVE divorce of March 2020 and the demise of the tribes.


Like many, I un-staked and powered down many of my tokens taking a large hit on many, something I regret especially concerning LEO.

More recently, I have started getting interested in tribes again, many of which are getting the push from the success of LEO.

Besides adding some LEO to my stake, I am looking at other ones, especially if they are active.


…’the tribes that didn’t make it to HIVE and remained on STEEM have mostly dwindled to nothing such as PHOTO’…

I posted about Splinterlands over a week ago and was shocked to get a vote from @monster-curator for over 3800 SPT tokens!

As well as some of the other bigger votes like the one from @michealb, I have to say thanks, it was a surprise and I didn't realise that anyone had such a large stash!


In fact, I felt bad that I had less than 100 SPT sitting in my account as I like to give back to communities if I take.

If you are a HIVE veteran and have been living under a brick, or new to HIVE and don't know anything about SPT or the Tribes, then look here.


It’s a complex subject I will get around to with my Demystifying HIVE series soon.

Yesterday I created a @slobberchops.spt dedicated account that’s sole function will be to curate Splinterlands content.

As well as following my main account with a 100% vote weight (if the post uses either the '#splinterlands' and/or '#spt' tag), I will manually curate the Splinterlands community and dish out some votes.

Splinterlands.spt account.JPG

Thanks to @holger80 and the excellent, I can focus the votes on this account solely to Splinterlands posts and make the most of my curation.

It's sitting currently at just over 21,000SPT which is not a lot. SPT tokens are currently cheap and this is around $5 -$6 in value tops.


I have a buy order in for another 10,000 and am aiming for around 100,000 before I stop and focus on some of the other tribes on which I intend to replicate this behavior.

...'once bitten, twice stupid you could say about the tribes, but I have a better feeling about them this time'...

I don’t see Splinterlands going anywhere soon. I wish the development would be quicker, but they have a small team and are focused on what they are doing.

If you see the accounts, @slobberchops.spt, @slobberchops.pal, @slobberchops.leo, @slobberchops.neox, @slobberchops.battle, @slobberchops.stem, @slobberchops.ccc and @slobberchops.weed soon you can be sure it's me.

I have to credit @abh12345 for this idea. He's been doing this for almost 2 years now, and I don't see a more effective way to curate at 100% and for maximum return, despite the extra overheads incurred.


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Apparently SPT will eventually be useful for buying in game stuff, skins? - think that could be a cool use case for the token.

Prefer if they made changes to voting economics ie like LEO and yeah, wish development happened a lot quicker.

think i sold a heap of cheap LEO ages ago to buy some SPT. fk! lol

Prefer if they made changes to voting economics ie like LEO

There's a lot of the old tribes that could be rejuvenated if the owners would wake up and do something (such as what you suggest). They are recoverable.., take CreativeCoin for one, the website has gone, same with Battle.

Apart from that it is a really cool idea it is also a lot of work keeping those keys from not tangled into each other dude ;) All those accounts!

You have mentioned it before the SPT token and it is really a good reminder to use it when posting about something splinterlandishy

It's manageable with, though I wish there was a way to duplicate all the settings. It took me around 20 mins to set it all up, but there is the overhead of logging into all the hive.engine accounts, to claim the rewards.

It might be a project I could work on to automate, my field of work is automation.

that doesnt seem like a big hassle at all then, I would have expect more stuff..

And with keychain sigining in and out to the hive engine is also not really that bad..

hmmmmkay. food for thought!

Nice decision. SPT rocks.

You post has been manually curated by @monster-curator Team!**


Thanks again, you're the @ocdb/@curangel of the SPT tribe!

I'm not sure I can be bothered to set up multiple accounts to vote more efficiently, but I'll consider it. Isn't there something that will automatically claim rewards for you? I have some SPT, but that is just what I earned.

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Isn't there something that will automatically claim rewards for you?

Something tell me there was, and there was a utility that would let you see your current VP for many of the tribes. Wish I could find the latter, it was really handy.

Do you mean the auto-claim set up by arcange @steevc?

It claims all your hive rewards once every hour, and all the hive-engine tokens once a day

I don't use that @dannewton, but it was the voting power for ALL the tribes on a single page I was talking about. Will be doing the Tribes soon in a future write-up, its a complex subject.

EDIT: This is it..

Never converted for HIVE

yah I have a travelgirl.spt account to curate for these splinterland posts .... great that you are on board now!

Yeah..., I just need a stash of .spt now! Working on it.

You can also post your actifit posts mistakenly using spt instead of sports.

Don't hold your breath on that buy order - someone's running a perpetual bot-buy for >20K - so you won't get it filled unless there's quite a large sell off.

Trust me, I've had very little luck having my buy orders filled!

Trust me, I've had very little luck having my buy orders filled!

Woo, you already have a .spt account, I had no idea.

Trust me, I've had very little luck having my buy orders filled!

Is this just with SPT tokens? I got a large order filled earlier, though it took a while.

It was just with SPT - sorry don't check replies here very often!

Did the same for Leofinance and while I think it's a great idea to do so for other tokens as well, I found @monster-curator to manage my SPT in a most excellent way, providing me with daily returns on my delegation. I'll have to look into more, though - this sounds really promising!

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I found @monster-curator to manage my SPT in a most excellent way, providing me with daily returns on my delegation.

Ah, so this is a large delegation account. I have not looked, just was blown away with the amount of tokens for a single vote! I used to write about Splinterlands on a regular basis once, I will have to do more. is a more complex beast than, but is more configurable once you get used to it.

Aye, it had delegations from more than 40 accounts last I checked.
I get about 30 SPT daily from my delegation of ~23,000 SPT

That is pretty awesome about the rewarding app. I haven't used it myself, but I like the idea of being able to focus your auto votes for the purpose of curation. I am sitting on some tokens myself and I might need to look into this. I might hit you up in Discord to talk about it at some point.

You manage to kick my arse at the curation game, it's my next topic coming up.


1% better than me, but I do some manual stuff. It's our own choice on how we do this. Sure about discord, I'm about all day.

I do manual stuff too. I actually feel like my curation on Hive has been pretty horrible lately. I know I could be doing better.

It's not horrible, you do better than average.

man there are so many interesting tribes out there! i was checking them as well 1 hour ago! i wanted to sell my last steem so i changed it for hive and then was looking to what tribes i spend it, apart form leo that i bought 100!

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I don't want to buy more LEO, as I feel the ship has sailed. Maybe it hasn't but I like the ones that have some potential. Just be careful with these..., they all went to shit once, and may do again (see PHOTO on steem.engine).

i think leo has so many potentials! Generally speaking though i tend to spend amounts that i don't care if i lose them! i totally feel you about the steemit ones! did you have invested in any of these?

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Steem tribes, yes.. lots.. I think many of us did.

hopefully those tribes and tokens will remain and give us some good returns, or at least if they are going to hell, i hope we realize it sooner and cash out! :P

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