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RE: Sorry To See @steemchiller, @glory7, @rakkasan84, @wonsama, @fenrir78 And Many Others Get Shafted

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Hey hey! :-) As you know I always come to bring a little note of 'extra perspective', although never expecting you will change your opinion after that, more to make sure all information is available.

In this case, I think it's important to add, that due to severe time constraints (the HF had to be done quickly in order to prevent Sun to be able to take actions against it) some decision were made hastily and/or without the elaborate discussions it deserved.

The 'list' was not hand-picked, it was collected through code, and the code of course was based upon ideas of people of what was fair. Now, it's not perfect, and that's what the group 'accepted beforehand', so they reserved EVERY HIVE token that was NOT airdropped, because there will be a second airdrop. Now, the decentralized part, although after the fact, exists in that the people who feel they were wrongly excluded can appeal this and the community will then decide of they will be part of the second airdrop.

Again, not defending anything, just adding the info.

Cheers Dave! Hope you're well and healthy in these interesting times.


Thanks for the explanation @soyrosa. I hope you all go back through that list now and add some of them back.

And cheers to you too :D ... these are definitely interesting times ;)