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There are yips, cries and whoops on the wind,
While you lie awake with a grin.
No need to be crude,
But heard’s better than viewed;
The Brownies are mating again.

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Splinter - Anumün

Set - Reward Edition

Class - Woodland Warrior

Size - Brownies are small, so small that they are often mistaken for monkeys. This is a mistake for which those who wander below the Brownies’ trees pay dearly. Monkeys at least have a modicum of politeness. They know they are little, only attacking when they can do so in numbers or without being detected. Usually they keep their distance and throw things from the trees.

Lifespan - For such small creatures, Brownies actually live extraordinarily long lives. Within their basic tribal system of governance, the oldest Brownies are given the greatest power. Many of the Brownie chiefs have lived longer than 150 years. As they get older, Brownies’ skin begins to look like the bark of an ancient tree; their beards become wiry and mossy. Eventually when they are ready to die, Brownies simply become one with the tree from which they came: The Elder Tree.

Weapon - To the Brownies of Eastwood, weapons are anything that can be found in the upper branches. They have invented all sorts of primitive projectile shooters from slingshots to more complex crossbows with the help of the Goblins. One particular nut called the delopu is heavily weighted on one side with an incredibly sharp and durable point. When this nut is fired, the point-end always finds the target first, and if that target is soft flesh, it will bore right through.

Habitat - There are seven known tribes of Brownies, and all of them live in the upper branches of the Elder Tree in the Eastern Wood. Everything they need is within the tree, and many of them never set foot on the ground.

Diet - The Brownies eat a variety of insects from the Elder Tree, as well as fruits from its more tropical regions. They haul water from the River of Power to their upper branches in buckets made from coconut husks, which proves they’re smarter than they act.

Allies - Even though the Brownie tribes bicker and fight among themselves, they are all friends with the Flesh Golems who live in the root caves of the Elder Tree. The Golems help the Brownies (when necessary) to interact with the outside world.

Enemies - Due to their sheltered lives in the Elder Tree, Brownies have a single enemy: The birds. Many of the larger skybirds of Anumün are despicable, flesh-eating brutes, and Brownies (with their soft bones) are their favorite snack.

Pastimes - Brownies spend the majority of their time relaxing in the trees. They especially enjoy rocking in their hammocks, but if you see their hammocks swinging quietly in the afternoon breeze, take care. Brownies have a disgusting and juvenile sense of humor that usually involves gravity and feces in some combination. Just hope they don’t notice your passing.


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