Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Coral Wraith

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The people of ΛZMΛRÉ saith
If deep in the ocean you bathe,
Then just be aware
That your soul’s up for snare,
By the dreaded and dark Coral Wraith.

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Coral Wraith

Coral Wraith_lv6.png

Splinter - ΛZMΛRÉ

Set - Untamed

Class - Epic Deep Sea Sorcerer

Size - At a glance, a Coral Wraith appears much larger than they actually are. This is because of the heavy, waterlogged cloaks that spread around them. Within the floating layers of fabric, the Wraith is usually a gaunt and skeletal form. Coral Wraiths are known for completely neglecting the wellbeing of their bodies, but in their lives they have little need for strength or speed. They rely heavily on Magic attacks and keeping distance from their victims.

Lifespan - Wraiths are born from a massive patch of enchanted coral way down into the depths of the Dark Water through some mysterious magical reaction. It is there in the Dark Water that they remain for their entire lives, except of course when summoned to combat. A Coral Wraith dies when the coral that makes up its body is no longer strong enough to hold the Wraith together, at which point the pieces of Wraith are absorbed back into the coral beds from whence they came.

Habitat - The large patch of deep water that sits in the center of the Inner Ocean of ΛZMΛRÉ is a frightening area around which many sailors steer. The underwater Mertroplois of Poseidar offers some protection against the terrors of the Dark Water, but everyone in the Water Splinter knows to simply avoid deep dives into it. The Dark Water is where nearly all the most terrifying monsters in ΛZMΛRÉ dwell; the Coral Wraiths are just one of these terrors.

Weapon - Coral Wraiths do not carry any weapons in the classic sense. Their weapons are darkness, fear and camouflage. These weapons rarely miss, and the Coral Wraiths have the patience necessary to wait for the exact right moment to strike.

Diet - Coral Wraiths consume their food similarly to natural coral. Algae grows throughout the Wraith’s body, and when activated by even a slight amount of sunlight, the algae converts to sugar and gives the Wraith energy. It is theorized by ΛZMΛRÉ scientists that the coral of the Dark Water actually evolved to create these nightmarish creatures to avoid starvation. Coral Wraiths swim at least once each day near to the surface, where they can charge themselves on sunlight from the shallows.

Allies - Because both races live at a similar depth in the Dark Water, Coral Wraiths have learned to get along with the Medusa. Medusa are rarely willing to ally themselves with anyone, but for some reason they are unable to turn the Coral Wraiths to stone as they can with Merfolk. Because of this, they have decided to be friends (or at least avoid killing one another).

Enemies - Like most of the monsters that live beneath Poseidar in the Dark Water, Coral Wraiths despise Merfolk. The Merfolk have created an underwater city and played nice with the Uman above the surface, bringing untold luxuries to their way of life. Meanwhile below Poseidar, the twisted monsters of the deep and dark (like the Wraiths) brood quietly and grow in hatred of the fortunate Merfolk.

Pastimes - Coral Wraiths pay little attention to their surroundings when they are adrift. They always enjoy the simple act of floatation which gives them a weightless and powerful feeling not unlike the rush they get from destroying their enemies in battle with underwater Magic attacks.


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