Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Imp Bowman

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From distant darkened hilltop, blinding flash,
Then suddenly ignites your silky sash,
A thousand tiny arrows raining ash,
Are burning like the fiercest itchy rash.

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Imp Bowman

Imp Bowman_lv6.png

Splinter - The Burning Lands, Anumün

Set - Reward Edition

Class - Tiny Ranged Avenger

Size - Flame Imps are incredibly small. On a sunny day, you can hardly ever see one coming. At night, they emit an extremely bright glow, so they cannot be missed, but if a Flame Imp is approaching you at night you have greater problems than your poor observation skills. Remember, you should never assume that just because a Flame Imp is small that they won’t cause untold destruction.

Lifespan - Imps are impossible little creatures that basically live forever if they are not slain. The Bowmen however, especially are always getting into trouble and getting themselves killed. How could they not play with those adorable tiny bows and unlimited arrows?

Weapon - The tiny bows of the Imp Bowmen are a full-on mystery. There are no craftsmen anywhere in the Splinterlands with enough skill to create tiny weapons of such mastery. And where do they get the unlimited supply of arrows? A single Imp Bowman can shoot nearly a dozen times per second mid flight, and it never runs short on arrows or energy.

Habitat - Flame Imps, which began in the Burning Lands, can now be found in Anumün as well, mingling with the Pixies of Eastwood. This migration has made lots of creatures in the Eastern Wood nervous; we’re talking about Flame Imps in the forest after all. Still, the Magi of the Forest has instructed the Stone Golems of the north to be prepared with huge wagons of water.

Diet - Another reason so many Flame Imps have migrated to the East Wood is the endless supply of insects. In the Burning Lands they had to fight for tiny scraps of anything to eat, but in the forest, an Imp could eat a new type of insect every day for the rest of its life. Flame Imps will happily live there forever, as long as they don’t catch the forest on fire.

Allies - All Flame Imps are closely allied with the Pixies of Anumün, but the Imp Bowmen have also played nicely with the Brownies who inhabit the upper branches of the Elder Tree. The small, apelike Brownies are Giants compared to the Imps, and it’s good to be friends with Giants. It’s also nice for the Brownies to be bigger than someone else for a change.

Enemies - Following in the footsteps of their Brownie mentors, the Imp Bowmen who live in Anumün relentlessly attack any Goblins that venture into the East Wood. Those living in the Burning Lands attack the Serpentines daily.

Pastimes - No one knows how the Imp Bowman are able to produce so many arrows. They don’t even bother retrieving them most of the time. If you look closely enough in a forest of Anumün or the Burning Lands, you can find trees with hundreds of tiny arrows still sticking into them. These were probably just passing sites for Imp target practice, the activity upon which they spend most of their time.


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