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The Lord of Darkness came and baited...
To him your soul was firmly slated...
But could you have anticipated
The grim life to which you're now fated?

Song of Khymians Lost

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Phantom Soldier

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Splinter - Mortis

Class - Corrupted Khymian Soldier

Size - The size of a Phantom Soldier depends entirely on the Phantom’s magical skill. They are cloudy and wispy creatures, made of mostly energy, which is why it is so easy for them to hover and fly. The most advanced in phantom sorcery are able to appear extremely large to strike fear into their enemies, or very small to fit through tight spaces.

Lifespan - Khymians (being creatures of light) have a difficult journey ahead if they choose to sign the Dark Contract. Their light bodies do internal battle with their dark bodies in a struggle that can rage for many years. Eventually, the Khymian’s soul is always overwhelmed by darkness, forging them into this powerful, flying force of magical destruction.

Habitat - Without strict Dark Eternal guidance, Khymians have no hope of shedding their light and finding the true Dark Path. That is why they are kept under close supervision in the city of Utopin until they are undoubtedly ready to be summoned to battle.

Weapon - The magical force of a Phantom Soldier manifests itself as a glowing weapon, similar to the Flame Whip of the Lord of Darkness. When the Soldier swings its Flame Sword, waves of powerful magic infused with Dark Energy are hurtled toward the target.

Diet - Phantom Soldiers are the only type of Dark Eternal that can absorb energy from light itself. While most Dark Eternals hide from the light, Phantom Soldiers twist and corrupt it, bending it to their needs. It is said that these Soldiers each contain the heart of a Dark Star, able to bring darkness to any light.

Allies - Thanks to their powers of flight, Phantom Soldiers often travel to the high peaks of the Raysco Range to visit the Screaming Banshees who live there. It is rumored that the two groups are exchanging secrets to powerful new methods of magic. And of course, Phantom Soldiers would be lost without the careful nurture and guidance of Dark Eternal teachers who lead them to the darkness.

Enemies - Many things go unspoken in Khymeria. One example is the fact that more and more Khymians have been signing the Dark Contract. Khymians have difficulty accepting that some of their own would turn their backs on the light and life to become Phantom. Still, they recognize their kin in these Phantom Soldiers, who are considered enemies of the Khymian people.

Pastimes - Phantom Soldiers fly for enjoyment. As living Khymians, they always longed to soar the skies like birds or Dragons, and they never expected that selling their souls to the dark would grant them this ability.


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