Splinterlands Battles with Manticore This Week

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Oh boy we got a powerful card to use this week. The Manticore is part of the combo I love in the game. Daria summoner, Red Dragon tank, Manticore followed by Harpy and fill in some other cards. I don't show that in these battles but only because the Red Dragon wasn't good for the matchups. I really enjoy making these and I am posting them all on youtube, dtube and 3speak it is a bit of extra work but I don't mind. I want to spread the word about the game and bring in more players. I hope if they see that a guy like me is making a bit of money playing this game they can also do that. I also have some good news to share for the Hive crowd but you have to watch to hear it.

Okay if you won't watch it that is okay. I am now a Hive curator for @tipu I plan on trying to support the sport post and the @splinterlands stuff. So make sure you do the challange You might just get a boost from me. Also, I want to see how others use the cards. It is good to learn from one another at this time. Thank you

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Thanks guys a bit odd but I don’t see the vote. Either way you guys have helped me before so thanks again.

Thanks, I see it now

good job dear brother
@tipu curate

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Hey, man! I love that you upload to Youtube (and I follow you) so now I can watch your videos on the big screen whilst I enjoy breaks from the dungeon. I watched this one a couple of days ago... got SUPER behind on curating (obviously), but here I am!

Also, super cool about getting to curate for tipu! Yay!

Thanks, it is fun to make these. I am also glad to be a curator for tipu and when another vote after me it moves up the ranks so the vote gets bigger.