Splinterlands Dice Card Review Water team and 1000 DEC giveaway

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Hello all sorry I am a day late but time for the next review and giveaway. The whole UNI token stuff kept me busy for sure. I am starting to make more videos about crypto and projects you can follow my other account @stevespeaks or my youtube I am going to do my video on Hive soon. I just decided to give making crypto videos a shot as it is something I wanted to do for a while. I will still be doing my Splinterlands stuff but just doing more than games now. Thanks for checking out either account and if you follow or sub thanks a lot.

The game has been changing a lot and we had some big team-up news in the last few weeks. I hope that the Gala Games really helps push us to a lot more players. I thought it was funny I just did a video on Gala Games. If you want to check them out Sign Up for Gala Games and play the game and you can get 100 Gala free. I just got mine it takes a while and you have to play the town star game. But maybe soon we can play splinterlands there I need to look more into the partnership. It is time to get the new cards on the water team and then see who won the DEC. Once again to get into the contest you need to make a comment on the review or the news I shared here. A simple comment like Hi or good job doesn't work.


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VERA SALACIA is the new summoner on the team. I am going to say again the site has a little bug that you always see the card at level 1 but no biggie as it doesn't get more as it levels. I am not a big fan of this card. The snare ability is okay but only useful in a few game modes. Earthquake stands out. Sure this will make it so you can take away flying for sure form the mobs so Earthquake kills them. Other than that I don't see a big reason to use this card over the other summoners on the team. A few of these summoners seem very nitch so sure good to have one to dominate that one game mode. But I am thinking that these will play into guild wars more and more. We have been told there will be special battles. All they need is an Earthquake battle in there and this card gets a good use case. Let me know if I am wrong and snare on everyone is stronger than I am thinking?


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Frost Lion is a cool card. All you have to do is the math here. Cost 2, he has void armor shield with 2 armor and 3 life. It might take five attacks to kill him if each is doing 2. He will play best in low mana matches or ones that allow him to attack from other spots like super sneak or melee mayhem. In those modes shield is great and if the other team pulls a trick and goes magic his armor comes in hand. I can't think of many 2 mana cards this good. Now he isn't going to dominate a fight but he is really good if you can fit him into a team. The equalizer game is also a great mode for him as if you got him to say 7 or 8 life he will be really hard to kill with a healer. I love cards that are low cost as they can show up in a lot of fights and just help you get one more mob on the board. What do you think a bit to much hype for this guy?


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Poseido is a pretty good card. It is a lower cost than some of the other legendary cards. He has 5 ranged attacked with blast and makes this a good combo for the Selena water deck. Then you add in shield and immunity and he gets even better. So he will always do 5 damage or more as you can't lower him. He can't lose a life and you can always heal him. Unless there is a no healers match. He will be a key part of the big mana matches for the team. The only drawback is he doesn't get a buff from the current poplar water summoners. He might be for the Bortus team that runs a lot of ranged. I get the feeling he is a little cheaper than the others because the water already has the Kraken. He doesn't come off as that guy that just domite but he is someone that will hit hard and not die fast most of the time. I mean 5 and 3 on the blast is pretty crazy I want to try him out for sure.


Okay so what did I miss? Or what would you like to add? If you took the time you read this thanks.

I do have a winner to send some DEC to from the last post. I am surprised I only get a few entries but here is who won.

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Congrats to @felipejoys been a while for you so was cool to see you still here and winning.

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Nice cards, unfortunately I haven't been lucky enough to pull a summoner out of the dice. But that will hopefully come.
I follow you on youtube nocw and I'll take a look at the videos later.


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Well, vera might be useful, but you are right she is very niche. The lion is awesome for the low cost battles, 2 mana fits almost everywhere. And poseidon is gonna be fun in dragon ranged too, being an awesome last row. Thanks for the review, hope to read more of them!

Probably cliched, but Frost Lion will be really good in low mana battles. However, its a must to have it at level 6 to unlock the shield ability.

i dont think ill ever use vera. frost lion on the other hand though will have its uses. anyway nice review as always

It's a pity Poseiden didn't get a little extra like the blast at level one. It seems a lot of the explosive abilities tend to not be in Bronze League.

I like Poseidon for a long range attack. I hope I can pull him in the dice packs soon.

Thank you! I needed to write a splinterlands post anyway, so I ended up writing something lengthy about Vera. Inspired by you asking what we think of it. https://peakd.com/hive-13323/@felipejoys/understanding-vera-salacia-s-use-cases-in-splinterlands

When mana is limited the lion looks good to play. Poseidon i would love to play it. I love explosive cards :)

Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

I feel the waves of water element, nice giveaway.

Thanks for the review. The water splinter seems to be the weakest of the DICE set. Let's see what the legendary water airdrop with the 1 Mana card will bring.



I would really like to try that poseidon

I think Vera is not as a great summoner like from the other Teams, but the Frost lion and Poseidon are pretty good cards.

I really love water splinter

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