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It seems like a lot more people are reading my tips so today I got a really good one and it rides on the back of yesterdays comment.

TODAYS TIP- Bidding for really cheap cards or to flip them for profit.

Step one figure out what card you are trying to upgrade or you want to add to your DECK

Step two- go to and click on market and find your card of choice and click on bid.

Step three- Put in the price you are willing to pay* make sure you have that much money on your account

How to add money, its easy. top right corner scroll over your name and click on profile. on the left side a blue box says deposit and then the rest is obvious and is taken from your Steem wallet.

my success

$6 market price my bid/purchase $3.1
$1 market price my bid /purchase $.61
$.92 market price my bid /purchase$.60

One last thing, may people try to just dump some cards so they put the price really low or check low bid and sell it for that price. in peakmonsters click on any card and it will have lowest bid. Putting your bid a few cents more is a good way to get that card, it might also take some time so if urgency is what you need this tip may not be for you.

If you bid on a bunch of card for %10 of their value so price 1.00 your bid .10 and just wait. some of these will get filled and you can flip them for a profit or burn them for DEC at a profit.

There are so many ways to make some money while building your DECK and having fun. I will keep sharing my ways with you as long as I have more to share.


Todays give away

Comment if you have a tip for new people on anything steem monsters(get good lolz)

Yesterdays winner is a first time winner I believe @chireerocks, congrats. go give him a follow and some love, looks like here a solid channel. 500 DEC already sent budddy.

See you all tomorrow, beyond.


build your deck using daily reward cards and DEC and buying and selling on the market

double attack and double sneak

Nice tips! A great Splinterlands post! I love flipping cards! An upvote from Steem Monsters is on the way!

thank you so much, your support means so much

I was once in a selling war with some one and a $6 GF card ened up at $4.20 he went to $4 so I bought his card and sold them both for $5.80 each lol

I did it myself, but main focus should be on summoners

Review your collection and the upgrade the reward cards once a week...

I would say: try to focus on 1 or 2 splinters first, then you can start building others.

yes, good advice

Upgrade summoners as soon as possible.

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Choosing to rent a card or rent, I choose rent.
This allows you to play cheaper in higher leagues and get more rewards.
And this allows you to strengthen your deck


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Gotta figure out what beats these stupid bots


Every splinter has a gimick. It's not that one is better than another -it's that one might have a better counter than the other, depending on the rules. So don't sweat the losses. Take a look at what cards beat you this time. Can you use the same cards/strategy against your next opponent?

Triple sneak I love to use it.

yeah that is something I use now too, great.

My tip is: it is better to rent summoners, not buy them.

yeah I agree, then you can spen you eared deck on packs and build your summoners over time. they are so cheap to get level 3 summoners for rent

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Tip ~ Try to complete your daily quest in a timely manner and have at least one strong summoner.

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yes very good tips thanks

Don't upgrade cards beyond the level that your summoners can play them.

yeah I wish I would of know that initially, great tip

Make sure to pay attention to the battle rules when building your team. Too many times I pick a fast monster out of habit and click submit, only to remember too late the battle rules were reverse speed.

yeah I do that all the time

In my opinion the most important aspect for Newbies of **Splinterlands 👾 is, go through from all the points in FAQ section and then How To Play section.

If want to accumulate Free Cards and SPT Tokens then Contest Economy is the best way for sure.

@threejay, Keep up the encouraging and awesome series. Stay blessed.

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