steemmonster - first lend card

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After I have unpacked 220 packs of untamed, my interest to steem monster is just going north if it is already not high enough. I have been reading a lot of post from splinter talk just to pick up my speed.


I am very inspired by @nealmcspadden on how he is investing to steem monster and now lending card and earn more than 400 USD per season. This is like a business to me and is a fun one. Therefore, I also try to lend some of my cards. I listed 40 cards and 4 of those were rented... whoo whoo.. here come some passive income. The ROI is not great tho (~ 3%) but this is a good start. I suppose I will need to continue to level up my card to be able to pick up some more ROI. what you all think?

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 7.41.59 PM.png

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