Binance Smart Chain Parks Another One... Splinterlands Governance Token(SPS)



So another one goes to Binance Smart Chain...

Today's Splinterlands announced their upcoming governance token, Splintershards (SPS)(More Info). And as expected they preferred Binance Smart Chain over Ethereum for obvious reasons e.g. low transaction cost, fatser transaction process and easy smart contracts porting.

The Governance Token documents states that:

The Ethereum blockchain was the first choice for the governance token contracts; however, the gas fees required to publish transactions to the Ethereum blockchain have become prohibitively expensive and would greatly limit what can be done with the governance token contracts and the number of people able to participate.
As a result, the Binance Smart Chain was chosen due to many factors including its current popularity, low transaction fees, fast transaction confirmation times, and the ability to easily port smart contracts between BSC and Ethereum which will allow the Splintershards contracts to be migrated to Ethereum in the future when/if it makes sense to do so.


Ethereum is the king of smart chain as of now and may be continue to dominate the defi world for quite some time. But its seems Ethereum is getting crushed under the weight of its own success, as network is getting over-burdened and ever increasing gas fees continue becoming a pain in the ass.
Binance Smart Chain which is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine has pitched itself a nice alternative or may be a competitor, as it has already surpassed Ethereum in terms of daily number of transactions.
Despite recent hacks, rug pulls and centralization concerns, Binance Smart Chian continues attracting more and more projects looking to enjoy a highly scalable and composable environment with minimal transaction fees.
whether the layer 2 solutions are gonna offer satisfactory scalability and low transaction costs, that remains yet to be seen. Until than, it seems Binance Smart Chain is enjoying a really nice adoption spree.

Fingers Crossed🤞🤞🤞


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