Season reward bronze I-9 loot chest


hello splinterlands lovers!

i am very much lazy in this game, this time, i a lot of work, duty timing is very much tough this time, i am really missing those time, when i was playing splitnerlands every time, and my rank was good, i did my best to manage time to play splinterlands but i do not know why i am not getting time, my morning to evening timing is to teach students, or some fun time, making video for my #3speak channel, but i am really out from splinterlands

i also want to write on sprots , some sports are very much famous in my area, like kabadi, vollay ball, cricket, but tough time,

today in this post i am going to show you my this last season end reward, you can see my season reward is not good, reason is that i did not take participate very actively in splinterlands, so after many days, today i checked my reward and i saw that i got end of the season 9 loot chests, so it is pretty good

so i show you my splinterlands gaming reward of last season that i won


above are 9 box in these box i have my this season reward


it is nice reward , i got three dragon that i will use to combine them to increase their level and i got 17 DEC crystal that will be use ful to buy new monsters, and i also got 2 ledgedary potion chargesi that will be help ful to open the packed,, and one 1 Alchemy potion chargeers

thank you all for reading my splinterlands post

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