So... my favourite Untamed art?

in #untamedchallenge10 months ago

I'm not exactly an arts person, but Splinterlands launched the new Untamed series last weekend, and the drawings on the new cards seem pretty awesome to me!

And yesterday, found a very nice contest from @simplymike, where you have to pick your top 3 favourites cards, regarding the art and not the game stats; you can check out the original post here! I decided to join in on the fun so, here goes my picks! Starting from 3 to 1, to leave the best for last.

Third place:

The new summoner from the earth splinter, Wizard of Westwood, looks great. I really like the intellectual/ professor look; and if you open the lore part and see the full image, he looks kind of badass too!

Second place:

My second pick goes to the fire splinter: the Fire Elemental looks nasty (in a a good dangerous way!), with flames pouring from everywhere, together with the angry face!

First Place:


The Horny Toad!

This one steals the show for me! The sleepy look and funny face were a great idea! But there's another reason for me to like this card in particular: the name!! You see, I'm from Portugal. And portuguese language has a ton of double meaning words... being one of the meanings... "naughty". And when I read this card's name and saw the art, the first thing that came to my mind was...

Is it just my portuguese mind? 😂 😂 😂 Either way... it's my favourite! And on a more serious tone, the authors of the cards art do deserve a praise: overall, the cards are just beautiful!!

PS. Since it's part of the rules to tag two or more monster addicts... @myfreebtc, @aleister, @pataty69,@warnas, have a look at the contest!


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Great picks, @pardinus. I love the Horny Toad for exactly the same reasons ;0)


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😉 😂 😂

They are beautiful and so distinctively different from the previous series of cards!

True, right? Have you started to play too? 🙂 🙂

No... I don't know where I would find the time!

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Thank you Mr. Trufflepig! 😂

I always thought of Trufflepig as being female. I don't have a clue why 😂

Now the mystery remains!! A boy? a girl? Somewhere in between?? 🤣 🤣