Addition of filter option and central trade history in Steem-engine.

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Steem-engine is the new rave on steemit. It is the platform for creating the steem smart contracts and also serve as the decentralized exchange where created steem engine tokens are sold.


My suggestion is on the

  • Tokens page
  • Wallets page


The steem engine platform is a very easy and simple platform to use. From creating a token to exchanging your token, everything is well detailed. However I believe it can still be improved.

  • Filter option: The tokens page displays in a table format with the token information displayed under the following headings, symbol, token name, market cap, price, % chg, 24-hour volume, and supply. You can also see three more buttons to view token information, trade-tokens, and view trade history of the particular token. From what I observed, the default ranking of tokens is by the 24-hours volume.

I propose the addition of a filter option that will include enable filtering by alphabetical order, market cap, price, percent change, and supply. Selecting any of the filter options will list the tokens based on the alphabet from A to Z or market cap from the highest to lowest or price from the highest to lowest or the percentage change from the highest gain to the highest loss. The last option is the supply and it will rank the tokens from the one with the highest supply to the lowest supply.

  • Central trade history: Looking at steem-engine, you can see that the user trade history can only be assessed based on individual tokens. I propose that the user trade history should be accessed from a single place. This will show all trade history of the user and not coin by coin basis. The trade history will include the coin name, date of transaction, amount transacted, and so on.



High quality picture link

This is how I want the filter option to be modified. You can see the filter button in the second picture and the filter options to select from in the third picture.


High quality picture link

The central trade history can be seen in this mock-up. You can see the trade history and the details all in one place.


Filter option: The filter option is a great tool that reduce stress and eliminate the time spent by the user to group tokens based on certain parameters. It provides an easy overview of the tokens based on different parameters and can help influence and investor decision.

Central trade history: This feature is a very important one as it let users to view their trade history in a single place. This reduces the problem that may arise when trying to find a particular transaction. Instead of navigating to each token to view the trade history, you can view all in a single location. Easy and reduced stress are some of the advantages.


Steem-engine will definitely see more adoption if these features are implemented. The features will provide an easy way to navigate and interact with the website more.

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Steem-engine is still in infant stages and it will undergo huge developments as we progress with more communities.
I like the "Central trade history" feature, it will really be a good addition.
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