Give users ability to modify Scot communities tags



and applies to too


The emergence of steem-engine and Scot-bot has seen the rise of many Communities having their platforms and tokens. We have the likes of Palnet, Steemcoinpan, and Splintertalk buzzing with lots of activities out of a number of other communities.


My suggestion is on the

  • post tags


With over 5 platforms utilising the (scot-bot and steem-engine) means different front ends. It is impossible to publish a single post on different front ends at the same time. In order to maximize users earnings, it is made possible to include this platform tags such as palnet for Palnet, spt for Splinter talk, and sct for Steemcoinpan. Using this tags will make your post appear on the different front ends mentioned above.

This is a good initiative and I think it needs some improvement.

Post tags editing

Presently you cannot edit tags in the Scot communities. Once you modify the tags there by deleting, adding, or editing, it will revert back to the original state. However, the modified tags is visible on traditional steem front-ends such as steemit and busy. The same goes for tags modified on the traditional Steemit frontend. The modification will reflect there and not in the Scot Communities.

Currently posting via any of the traditional front end gives you the ability to add only 5 tags to your post. There are situations where one or two mistakes is made while writing the tags. Inability for the modified tags to reflect on Scot Communities is a thing of concern. I propose

Ability to add Scott community tags

  • Users who post has empty tag spaces should be able to add Scot community tags and such post should be visible and eligible for reward in the Scot Community.
  • Users should be able to remove a non- scot community tag and replace it with a scot community tag. Such posts should be visible and eligible for reward in the Scot community.



You can see that the post includes 5 tags. I added the last tag spt after I published it.


The post is visible on Palnet and TripleA but not visible in my Splintertalk blog.


The benefits of this cannot be overemphasized. Uses will be able to modify their tags to include Scot communities tags and get their post seen on that Scot community. This was not possible before and I strongly believe it will be a welcome development for all. Cases of errors in tags will be solved as users can now modify does tags, thereby making the post eligible for reward.

Use Case

Ade made a post via Steempress with three tags namely ideas, blockchain, and steem. He just learnt about the Scot community tags after publishing the post. He edited his tags by deleting ideas, blockchain, and steem and replacing them with sct, spt, palnet, and aaa. This brings the post tags to 5 and the post is viewable on Palnet, Steemcoinpan, and Splintertalk, and TripleA.

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Yeah I agree and with all the scot communities yet to come it's going to be important to use tags, lol not like it used to be with steemit where it really wasn't that much help


Thank you for contributing @zoneboy!
I have noticed this myself over the past couple of days and I believe modifying the tags is a good idea.
With different communities coming in, we might need more than 5 tags to post on different front ends and I think that Steemit Inc will also have to think about making it possible for users to include more than 5 tags on their posts.
Anyways, it is always great to review your contributions and we are already looking for your next one.

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