SBI/SM Contest #006: Challenge me or show your latest battle to win.

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Hey steemians,
Hope you all are doing good. I just got enrolled as a moderator at CK(contest kings) and thanks to @philippekiene who told me about splinterlands..

Around 18 hours before the last season I joined the game and I got Bronze I. At present I am at Bronze II with 86 wins and a longest streak of 7. I know it's not that much good but I thing it's a good start.

As a proud member of Contest Kings, all of these giveaways require

  • No Upvote
  • No Resteem
  • No Follow

So, basically all what you need to do is just challenge me at splinterlands or show your latest battle and you can get chance to win some Rare cards listed below.

1 x Prismatic Energy
1 x Delwyn Dragonscale
1 x Sea Genie
1 x Vampire

So, Login to your dashboard and show me your latest battle and that's it.
Isn't it easy??

Also I invite @philippekiene, @olivia08, @smtester, @gzone, @steemit.holdem, @yawang @volax and @gamemods to join me.


This is my latest battle. I think this is what you want me to show. If not please tell me.

2019-09-17 12_47_19-Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

I won and got my life quest done it was hard.
I always loose to the Air Elementhal

i usually use earth. I have rich collection of earth ones.