Web Dev #003: Career in Web Developent - Part II !

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Hello steemians,

Hope you all are doing much well. So, in the last one we talked about what exactly web developer do, their key skills and something about How much they make?
And today in this part we are gonna talk about types of developers, how you can get a start to be a web developer on your own ending with some valuable resources. so, without wasting time let's get started.

Types of web developer

well developers can be of various types. I listed some of them below

Web DeveloperComputer Programmer
Alright, so you already know what a web developer is. But still it is a person who uses his technical skills to construct a website.He or she works on the technical aspect of the website like site speed and performance and the back-end part which was hidden from the users but indeed a very import aspect of the site. I can say almost more than 98% site can't actually work without the back-end part.Now a computer programmer is a person who works on development, function, testing. security, etc of computer program. Now it could be a very basic program like software headers or it could be a very complex program like viruses or malwares, etc

Web DesignerSoftware Engineer
Mostly people get confuse with a web developer and a designer. But they are differnet. These professional works on the creation and design and user interface of websites and web applications. Web designers works on the front-end of a website.A software engineer works with software developer and computer programmers. He or she actually converts that software idea or concept into a functional software.

How can you become a web Developer?

  • Education

well many web development skills can be self-taught, basic jobs require some college bacheoler degree. well for a particular degree one should have a special degree in web development rather having a special computer science degree.

  • Gain Experience

Now it's the time to have some experience coz that really matters due to increase job demands.

  • Get some special credentials

For some jobs having a development certificate like Microsoft certified solutions associate: web applications certification works great for your resume as per my experience.

Resources for Web Developers