Weekly and Fresh 📸 (31/52)

in #weeklyandfresh • 9 months ago (edited)

Hi Hive!

31 weeks!

We are doing it! The project is still on!

Not without a few hiccups, though.

It looks as if my computer is going to break down, and I'm really unsure what I should do now.

I wonder how much new i7 CPUs cost, and whether that's what's going to fix the problem.

I am also running out of harddisk space fast.

Well. Tomorrow I'll be going to a dog show, and I'll take my camera with, so at least I don't have to worry about computer problems while I'm there.

Here are the posts I made in #DailyAndFresh last week:


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A sunset like a painting, and angsty teenage poetry from 26 years ago 📷


Fruity fresh 📷


Fruity fresh #2 📷


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Fruity Fresh #4 📷

See you again soon!

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A very good week we have already passed and looking for next week with your photography.

Beautiful shots from you. Is the first pic chewing gum?

Thank you!
Yes. ;)

This good photo and delicious food