Weekly and Fresh πŸ“Έ (32/52)

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Hi Hive!

We have now passed the 32nd week!

It was a great week, and it ended with a bang, as I finally had my 4 year Hive/Steem birthday today. (Or is it yesterday now?)

About movies...

I wonder if my boys are going to like the movie called Little Shop of Horrors. The 1986 musical version, not the original black and white from 1960.

I just noticed I had "bought" it from the Google movies service a few years ago. I have no idea how I had forgotten that I sort of had access to the movie.

I think they might like it, but on the other hand I have no idea if they understand musicals. And the movie is also a bit dark, but does have plenty of good humour. All-in-all it's in my opinion, a very cool movie, and a great musical at that.

Anyhow, on with the weeklies...

Here are the posts I made in #DailyAndFresh last week:


Cake and Clouds – Gonna rain... πŸ“·


Finnish Toy Dog Club – Dog show in Kaivopuisto, Helsinki πŸ“·


Sunset Viola πŸ“·


This time I didn't know what to shoot... πŸ“·


Rainy photos from the forest πŸ“·


House sparrows πŸ“·


Pizza πŸ“·

I hope you liked them this time. More coming tomorrow!

See you again soon!

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The birthday cake looks so good!!

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Good photo

Very nice photos...