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RE: Top Three Authors: The Champs Choices

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The Champ has spoken! I do have the Goosebumps series and my favourite one was "what lies beneath the sink", gave me nightmares that one and some of the others too. I still have quite a large collection of them from my childhood buried somewhere (but not beneath the sink!)

Dr Seuss gets an outing, he did make some great ones though and Mr Martin is proving to be popular this month too...

Tell you what, could be a close call this month...


I haven't gone over the other entries yet but I plan on doing just that later today. I suspected that G.G. Martin would be a favorite of everyones as Game Of Thrones is still somewhat freshly in everyones minds.

I fully expect to lose my crown this month but one never knows. I suspect Dr. Suess to be low on the rankings or very high depending on if the yourtop3 participants summon their inner child to vote or not lol.