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RE: Top Three Authors: The Champs Choices

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Nice ones champ! I was wondering if the good Doctor was going to show up this month, so you didn't disappoint me on that one. I read the Game of Thrones books before the show came out and was totally the annoying person the first few seasons sitting there going, "but that's not how it happened in the books!" I was actually glad in some ways that I didn't have the last books to compare those final seasons to, though now I'm tapping my foot impatiently waiting to see if he creates a better ending on the literary front. I definitely went through some of the Goosebumps books as a kid, as well. We'll see how these hold up in the polls!


I haven't read the Game of Throwns books but if I had ..... I would have the same reactions as you. I have turned off or completely walked out on watching some T.V. shows / Movies because things were too different from either the book I read or the original I watched some years prior.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!