Top Three Authors: The Champs Choices

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A YourTop3 Entry!

What is YourTop3?

@yourtop3 is a monthly contest that has gained in popularity. Each month a new topic is put forward and participants are asked to pick their top 3 of said topic. For example this months (January 2020) participants of #yourtop3 contest are asked to pick three of their favorite authors.

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Dr. Seuss

No your eyes do not mistake you, my first pick of favorite Authors is Dr.Seuss. With such classics as One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and The Cat In The Hat there was no way I could not include the Doctor in my list of favorite Authors.

His books have spawned many hit T.V. shows and movies such as The Grinch, Horton Hears A Who, The Lorax and many many others. I personally credit Dr.Seuss for getting me to eat Grean Eggs And Ham .... without his wisdom I may never of tried such a delicious treat. Yes I will eat them on a bus and on a train .... I will ....... I will eat them all day!

My Second Pick

R. L. Stine

Who hasn't read an R.L Stine book or at the very least watched an episode or two of the Goosebumbs series. Some of those books and T.V. shows that spawned from the books realy sticks with a person. I for one to this day put on a Halloween mask with care as I know from reading the R.L. Stine book The Haunted Mask that I might just be putting on one that is possessed.

It doesn't stop with possessed masks as everyone favorite dummy slappy is always ready to seak out his revenge.

My Third Pick

George R. R. Martin

I think most will be farmilar with the author George R. R. Martin as his books are responsible for one of the most popular TV shows of all time known as Game Of Thrones.

Admititally I didn't read the books but I am a big fan of the T.V. series. I do wish they had a stronger last two seasons as the show really went to shit coming on the end. Many (including myself) think this was due to the T.V. producers running out of material to create the show as George R. R. Martin hadn't finished the series of books at the time of the ending of the show. In fact fans are still waiting for George R. R. Martin to write the last book in hopes it has a much better ending then the T.V. series did.

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Just pointing out there is a looooong time to go before the last GoT book comes out, there are still 2 more books before it is done.

Very true, I wonder what's the hold up.

Writers block, the fear of dissapointing the many fans or possibly comfort from the millions made from the T.V. series has the writer simply enjoying life instead of writing the sequels.

Lol me thinks the champ needs to take it down a notch but the bigger they are the harder they fall isn’t that right?

Lol me thinks the champ needs to take it down a notch

I have no clue what you're talking about. I been nothing but humble .......

P.S. Good luck with coming in 2nd.

Great authors indeed! R.L Stine has been a great author for my younger years and is just starting to take place in my sons life and loves it.

I think it's awesome for what you are doing with challenging people using reward. I want to thank you for that. It brings more light to the contest. Much appreciated.

Thanks, I think a large portion of young people have read an R.L. Stine book at some point. I still vagely remember some of the T.V. series.

The Champ has spoken! I do have the Goosebumps series and my favourite one was "what lies beneath the sink", gave me nightmares that one and some of the others too. I still have quite a large collection of them from my childhood buried somewhere (but not beneath the sink!)

Dr Seuss gets an outing, he did make some great ones though and Mr Martin is proving to be popular this month too...

Tell you what, could be a close call this month...

I haven't gone over the other entries yet but I plan on doing just that later today. I suspected that G.G. Martin would be a favorite of everyones as Game Of Thrones is still somewhat freshly in everyones minds.

I fully expect to lose my crown this month but one never knows. I suspect Dr. Suess to be low on the rankings or very high depending on if the yourtop3 participants summon their inner child to vote or not lol.

Nice ones champ! I was wondering if the good Doctor was going to show up this month, so you didn't disappoint me on that one. I read the Game of Thrones books before the show came out and was totally the annoying person the first few seasons sitting there going, "but that's not how it happened in the books!" I was actually glad in some ways that I didn't have the last books to compare those final seasons to, though now I'm tapping my foot impatiently waiting to see if he creates a better ending on the literary front. I definitely went through some of the Goosebumps books as a kid, as well. We'll see how these hold up in the polls!

I haven't read the Game of Throwns books but if I had ..... I would have the same reactions as you. I have turned off or completely walked out on watching some T.V. shows / Movies because things were too different from either the book I read or the original I watched some years prior.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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Always nice to see which ones the Champ deems worthy of a pick! Thanks again for sweetening the pot with an extra prize this month (or the next...or the next...however long it takes). ;) Should be a nail-biter of a dpoll as always!


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I'm usually always surprised at what ones make it to or near the top of the Dpoll and likewise for the ones that don't. Thanks for hosting the cool contest, I look forward to seeing the Dpoll.


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Such interesting choices @rentmoney.

I loved Dr Zeuss. The Goosebumps series - well, I think I'm a different generation, but I've heard such good things about it.

And, as I said to @tryskele - never watched Game of Thrones,but I'd certainly consider reading the series.

Good luck, and thanks for the sponsorship, Champ!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

I'm always surprised when someone says they haven't watched a single episode of GOT.