Would you still burn cards for DEC?

in #zzanlast year

Hi Steemit Friends,

When DEC was introduced, some of us have either bought them, earn them or burn cards for them. I burnt cards left right and centre to get some DEC in the beginning just to have a nice balance. As time goes, I haven't done it for some time and I now wonder if anyone still does it?

If so, why would you do it? If you don't use the cards, why not sell the card instead? Or maybe you are like me, just don't have the patience and get it over and done with?

I have a number of cards I don't use regularly or at all so is it time to start burning again? Burn, get some DEC and buy the cards I need since we can buy cards with DEC. At this stage, I don't want to spend more money upgrading my cards so maybe this is the best way to invest back into the game?




Burning cards for their DEC value is almost never profitable. The DEC burn value effectively creates a floor to how low the price of a card can go, and most of the time selling on the market is the way to go if you want the most value. You could get 66225 DEC, around $67 if you burned all your cards. You'd get $153.15 if you sold them for market value, quite a bit more.

interesting you loose over half the value if you burn the cards.

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Best strat I went for was that I just collected many many cards, and then bought myself a 2nd deck and then rented it out, so it makes me more DEC regularly

You probably need a pretty good deck to rent it out correct? Silver or gold level deck did you rent out?

Actually I am not sure about that, I rented out decks with lvl 3 summoners and according monsters.