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Hi Splinterlands loving friends

How are you all hope everyone is well and healthy by God's infinite grace I am very well and healthy and I always wish you good health and well being.

Friends, today we are back with this week's challenge, we want to tell you something about what we have been doing every week or what knowledge we have gained this week and how much we have progressed in the game.

Splinterlands is a very popular game nowadays it is not unknown to anyone I love this game very much
We all know that the current condition of cryptocurrency is very bad, the card price is $100, but the price of the wood is now $100, because the price of Bitcoin has dropped a lot.

This is not only the case with Splinterlands but with all the coins out there. Not only that, all kinds of box tokens have reduced in price, but those who want to deposit can do so now because everything has reduced in price.

We know that sps token is available after playing splendor this token is available in bank all or metamex if you want to deposit it if you give television then you will get some income from there now sps price has come down a bit now it is savings time to do

Many people are hoping that the future of SPS will be very good and we are also hopeful that if the condition of Spirius is good then we will also change the location or place. can be done

When I used to hear the name of the game, many people used to talk a lot, but now a days, from the sport, from money income to various knowledge, we sincerely thank this community or this platform for creating such a beautiful environment among us.

This battle with 22 mana I tried to play Otter Splendor and finally I won I feel really good after winning because today I used deck spender and what's more interesting is that my opposition player also used the same and it was very good for him Because he used a vio attacking card which was a snap card I was very scared of the card at first

Those who play Splendor know that this game is only a card game that can win a battle if you don't have good cards, you can't win a battle just by having cards, you also have to be careful where to place the cards.

I used this card first as a mana card

The second card uses a silent card

Attacking the third card uses this card

Fourth uses this card

Uses the Mana card as the Panchamkara

Card number six
I use five cards in total

A total of 7 rounds were played. At the end of the first round, one of his cards was lost. At the end of the second round, his other card was lost. I also lost another card and after playing a total of 7 rounds, I finally came out victorious.
Here are some screenshots from my winning battle: Hope you like it

And so that you can enjoy this battle of mine, I am presenting the link of the battle. I hope you will like it very much. You will like my success.
Everyone stay well stay healthy keep praying for me thank you very much for watching this little block of mine

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