bought another 4k LVL using hive selling other hive engine tokens. we must all do our part to buy as much LVL as we can. Let's please pay $1000 to add $LVL to Discord tip bot for Airdrops to millions of users + effective advertising


I see myself really delegating my other tasks and projects to interns and new workers, while spending more time learning to help develop this game, pooling and pulling more talent into our @psyberx group and maybe helping create a @psyberx community hivemind to start posting and moderating with a team. Its important @saltyreptile knows he can always delegate tasks and the game is 1005 garunteed to succeed if we all keep buying LVL and more importantly, all help DEVELOP the game.

Its important we all help DEVELOP this game and make it as fun and generically counterstrikey as possible. That way it will always be fun, as long as we make modes that are pure counterstrike FPS with lot's of hive flying around AND most importantly, people on @vimm watching and maybe taking bets on games where the players and all of hive gets a cut via the neeed for hivepower. A Gaming UBI could really help provide jobs to so many as they work on this blockchain which, when it starts working well, will blow btc and ethereum out of the water and prove to the world how smart and valuable we are. We will be asked to be crypto sonsultants, we will be asked by eos and telos to use their services and dapps like dstor... it will be great ...

we will be the ones who get to decide which dapps live and die with our hivepower controlling sooo much raw Bitcoin power that people make moves just based on who we upvote because their rewards will be in the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands and theyll be using them to pump coins hahaha

We should also be promoting it with users from within hive, who can earn LVL through scotbot turned on and a pool of LVL allocated (or donated by investors) for new users to earn POSTING about LVL... as our scotbot tribe hive engine magic allows for .... and the staking has to be engaged because that just helps people save and not spend tokens ... and can be and will probably be built into the game already... just making sure!

We will have a @splinterlands proven system where the game is promoted by its users who earn in game tokens just making the equivalent of reddit posts ABOUT the game using DPOS social reward pool physics

Now I got 272K LVL, on my way to 300k and then 1 million


Im gonna do serious shilling of this game on discord when we add LVL to @tipcc

any LVL investors out there interested in pitching in the $1000 to add this token to @tipcc the discord bot ? It's worth it to have LVL on there JUST as a form of $1000 advertising ... which is nothing for a big crypto game like this .... you can easily make that money back after also airdropping maybe 10,000 LVL to the chat and 1000 people at once will all get paid



See? LVL can be on here. Lets all throw down on some HIVE to pay @tipcc they accept hive as payment. its $1000 but worth it! You get to have a token to airdrop to millions of discord users