my one work day and learning about splinterlands game


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Pizza for lunch , my one work day

hi , i took images of what i did yesterday , had lunch and started to play steemmonsters game, splinterlands , and i was learning more about this game and it's airdrops , which are daily and interesting , i was learning and i had some small mistakes , but you know we must learn every day , it was some weeks that i didnt learn any new things because of changing my house , and now i can rest and start to learn again, in this space , learning and knowledge are so important things to improve in our works ,

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splinterlands game

i do this game almost every day and today i was searching to learn more about SPS and it's airdrops
unfortunately while learning i lost about 120 $ because of an un expected GAS fee on metamask , because i did a swap in it , i swaped some Hex to DEC and it was my mistake , because itried with a small amount of HEX and i payed a lot of gas for it ,
it was sad but i am learning new things so we must pay for the knowledge .

these images i took when i was playing the game , was cool

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i use a ledger wallet

i use a ledger wallet to keep my everything , it support many things expect ADA actually ,
this small wallet help a lot

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tea after dinner

tea after dinner and we were watching black listed series
it is a new series that we started to watch it every night

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