BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge Featuring ARMORED UP By affliction

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Hello Fellow Hivers!
Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend with family and friends.
It has been sometime since my last article here as I have been a bit busy. However, this weekend I just managed enough time to finally write something.
And today, we will be talking about a Splinterlands battle featuring the rule set ARMORED UP
If you are not sure what Splinterlands is, make sure to give this articles a read and at the end you will find some information to get started with the game.



All monsters get a +2 armor buff at the beginning of the game.

Armors are the best counter against melee and ranged attacks in Splinterlands as the enemy monsters have to take down the armor before they can reduce the hp with their attacks.
Magic attacks however, works differently as magic attacks bypass armor and directly drains out the hp. Having said that, there is a direct counter to this in case a monster has Void Armor ability.
So Armored Up rule set can add extra defensive layer to all monsters in a battle and countering the same is what most of the time becomes the deciding factor in a battle.



  • Mana Cap : 30

  • Rule sets :
    Armored Up: All monsters get a +2 armor buff at the beginning of the game.

  • Available Splinters :


Summoner42For this battle, we chose a level 2 Obsidian, the 4 mana Earth summoner from the Chaos Legion set which is very widely used with the magic monsters from the Earth Splinter.
Position 181As the tank, we have chosen to play a level 1 Unicorn Mustang, the well known tank from the Untamed set which is very very strong against magic attacks with it's Void right from level 1 along with base stats of 3 melee attack, 4 speed and 10 hp.
Position 222In the second position, we are playing a level 2 Khmer Princess with 1 magic damage, 2 speed and 2 hp. At higher levels the card becomes very useful with Tank Heal and Triage.
Position 343In the third position, we are playing a another low mana magic damage dealer, Wood Nymph. This is an old Reward card that comes with 1 magic damage, 2 speed and 3 hp for 4 mana. The card brings great value to our deck with it's Tank Heal ability.
Position 463In the fourth position, we are playing another card with Tank Heal and this time we have went with the most played healer from Chaos Legion set, Goblin Psychic. At level 3, the card is offering 2 magic damage, 1 speed and 5 hp along with the Tank Heal.
Position 552In the next position, we are playing the evasive high speed magic damage dealer Regal Peryton. At level 2, we are getting 1 magic damage, 6 speed and 6 hp along with the Flying ability.
Position 611In the last position of our deck we are playing 1 mana card Mycelic Morphoid to fill our last mana. I forgot to rent a gold foil level 3 copy of the card hence playing the level 1 copy. For 1 mana, the card will add protection against Sneak


Summoner42The opponent is playing a level 2 General Sloan, a summoner from the Chaos Legion set that goes very well with ranged attackers with it's +1 to Ranged Attacks.
Position 181As the tank, the opponent is playing a level 1 Shieldbearer, one of the most popular tanks in the game. At level 1, the card comes with 2 melee damage, 2 speed, 4 armor and 9 hp with Taunt..
Position 223In the second position, we are facing a level 3 Pelacor Conjurer, one of the best modern Reward Cards. At level 3, for the cost of 2 mana, the card comes with no attack, but acts as a great meat shield with 4 speed and 5 hp with Flying ability.
Position 321In the third position, we are facing the neutral 2 mana Ranged attacker from Chaos Legion, Xenith Archer. At level 1, the card has 1 ranged attack, 1 speed and 2 hp. Being a Neutral card, the card comes with great utility.
Position 442Next, in the fourth position we are facing a level 2 Time Mage with 1 magic attack, 5 speed and 3 hp. More importantly, the card comes with Slow ability and for that ability alone the card is very widely played.
Position 562In the fifth spot, the opponent is playing a gold foil level 2 Pelacor Arbalest. This card is very useful with General Sloan and can take down teams on it's own with it 2 archery damage combined with Double Strike ability. For the other stats, the card comes with 2 speed and 3 hp.
Position 642In the last spot, we are facing a level 2 Venari Crstalsmith. This again is one of the most played card with General Sloan. At level 2, the card comes with 1 archery damage, 3 speed and hp with Tank Heal.


  • Round 1:

In the first round, there were no causalities as both the team's tank stood strong thanks to the Tank Heal abilities in both the teams.

  • Round 2:

Round two started off bright for us as we were finally able to take down the Shieldbearer with the very first attack by our Regal Peryton. We however, lost our Unicorn Mustang too later this round as it got taken out by the Pelacor Arbalest. And to make things better for us, the Goblin Psychic takes out the Pelacor Conjurer with the last hit of the round.

  • Round 3:

Similar to round two, this round too started off with a kill by the Regal Peryton as it took out the Xenith Archer. Howeer, the Pelacor Arbalest faught back again with a kill as it eliminates the Khmer Princess. Luckily for us, the Goblin Psychic again gets a kill by eliminating the Time Mage from the opponent deck.

  • Round 4:

In the fourth round, the Goblin Psychic eliminates the dangerous Pelacor Arbalest taking us closer to our victory.

  • Round 5:

And in the fifth round, the Goblin Psychic got it's fourth kill of the battle and got us the relatively easy victory.

THE BATTLE LINK : Interested to watch the full battle ? You can watch it here

My strategy was to go heavy with Magic damage with Obsidian as a counter against the ARMORED UP rule set and for our tank we chose Unicorn Mustang with it's Void to be resilient against magic attacks and to add more sustainability we have chosen double Tank Heal. This strategy worked out very well as we got a relatively easy win in mere five rounds.


4The level 3 Goblin Psychic was the MVP of the battle with 4 important kills in the battle. Apart from the 4 kills which was the most in the battle, the card came in very handy with it's Tank Heal ability and contributed greatly to both offense and defense and was the star of the battle without a doubt.

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Until you come across my post again ...

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