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Hello Fellow Hivers!
Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying your last weekend of February.
Today, we will be talking about a Splinterlands battle featuring a card from the Dragon splinter as I try my luck in this week's Weekly Battle Challenge hosted by Splinterlands
If you are not sure what Splinterlands is, make sure to give this articles a read and at the end you will find some information to get started with the game.



Dawn of the Djinn 4 of 4 - Only a short time after the Djinn were released, most of them were already seeing their elemental captivity as a blessing rather than a curse. They had far greater power than before, now that they were working with the force of the Planet at their backs. Pursuit of power was at the core of Belludae beliefs, so most of them would make small sacrifices for greater power.
The Djinn have not all found one another, and it will be difficult for them to do so since many of them reside in different elements. This is why several of the Djinn have submitted themselves as cards in the Moxian games, so they can connect with their lost brethren. Gradually they will come together to Praetoria as part of the last lines of defense, channeling the power of the Planet into an impenetrable wall to hold back the Chaos Legion.

The Dragon Splinter is known for it's versatility of monsters we can choose for our line ups.
Dragon is a highly sought after Splinter as the Dragon Splinter can be played together with some other Splinter.
The first thing that comes to our mind with dragon is hard hitting high mana monsters with Flying. However, that is not the case for our featured card.
Before we see this card in action, let us quickly go over the stats and abilities of the card.

Djinn Chwala

Edition: REWARD
Rarity: EPIC
Element: DRAGON
Attack: MELEE
True Strike

Djinn Chwala is a 8 mana offensive tank with 2 melee damage, 2 speed5 armor and 9 hp at level 1 with Thorns ability.
The card's melee damage reaches 3 at level 2 and 4 at level 5, At level 4, the card gets it's second ability of Enrage making the card even deadlier.
And at the highest level, Djinn Chwala gets the third ability of True Strike, and when we combine the 3 abilities with 4 melee damage, 3 speed 6 armor and 10 hp, we get quite a tank.
For our today's battle, we will be covering a battle with a level 5 Djinn Chwala.



  • Mana Cap : 30

  • Rule sets :
    Taking Sides: Neutral Monsters may not be used in battles.
    Explosive Weaponry: All Monsters have the Blast ability.

  • Available Splinters :



Summoner43For this battle, we chose a level 3 Quix the Devious, the Chaos Legion Dragon summoner that not only allows us to play from the wide range of the Dragon monsters, but also inflicts the opponent deck with -1 archery and -1 speed.
Position 185As the tank, we are playing our featured card, a level 5 Djinn Chwala that comes with 4 melee damage, 3 speed, 6 armor and 10 hp. Apart from the impressive base stats, the card also has the abilities of Thorns and Enrage at this level.
Position 248In the second position as our secondary tank, we are playing a level 8 Riftwing. Though the card does not come with any attack stats, it has decent defensive stats with 5 speed and 6 hp. Additionally, the card comes with quite a few useful abilities like Flying Scavenger Backfire and Headwinds.
Position 348In the third position, we are playing yet another reward card from the Dragon Splinter, Dhampir Infiltrator. The card at level 6 has 2 melee damage, 3 speed and 4 hp along with abilities like Sneak Double Strike and Cripple making it quite a useful damage dealer for only 4 mana.
Position 453In the fourth position, we are playing a card I rented using Peakmonsters for playing Splinterforge. but will come very handy in this battle. The level 3 Scale Doctor has 1 archery damage, 2 speed and 7 hp as base stats. However, the abilities the card offers makes it a great support card. At this level the card has Strengthen Triage and Rust.
Position 501In the next position, the 0 mana card from the Death Splinter, Corpse Fiend with 1 melee damage, 2 speed and 1 hp. For 0 mana, the card will be a great meat shield and often becomes the deciding factor in battle.
Position 658In the last position of our deck we are playing a level 8 Silent Sha-vi with 3 melee damage, 6 speed and 7 hp as base stats. And for the abilities, the card comes with Sneak and Cripple.


Summoner48The opponent chose to play a level 8 Thaddius Brood for the battle. The Death Summoner reduces the hp and magic damage of all the opponent deck by 1 and one of the most played summoners from Chaos Legion.
Position 1510For the tank we will be facing a max level Pelacor Deciver, one of the overlooked reward cards that has 3 melee damage, 5 speed and 10 hp at level 10. For abilities, the card has Flying Backfire and Retaliate.
Position 242In the second position, the opponent is playing one of the new soul bound reward cards from the Death splinter, a level 2 gold foil Ravenhood Warden. For 4 mana, the card comes with 1 archery damage 2 speed, 3 hp and Protect at this level.
Position 3510In the third position, we are facing one of the cards that we too are playing, Silent Sha-vi.But unlike our level 8, we will be facing a max level copy of the card which is having 1 more melee damage, totaling to 4 and an additional ability of Piercing.
Position 474Next, in the fourth position we are facing a max level Lira The Dark with 4 archery damage6 speed and 6 hp along with Opportunity Snare and Swiftness.
Position 538In the fifth spot, we are facing another high archery damage dealer, Soul Strangler. Though the card costs only 3 mana, it offers 4 archery damage and comes with 3 speed and 4 hp along with Poison.
Position 626In the last spot, we will be facing another max level archer,Weirding Warrior. For only 2 mana, the card comes with 2 archery damage, 3 speed and 3 hp along with Shatter Amplify and Rust .


  • Round 1:


The battle stated off poorly for us as from the very first turn of the first round, our Corpse Fiend becomes the victim of Lira The Dark. We however, get back in the match with a bang as our Silent Sha-vi takes out the Weirding Warrior from the last spot, followed by another elimination in the fomr of Soul Strangler which was taken out by the Dhampir Infiltrator.

  • Round 2:


The battle seems evenly poised at the start of the second round. However, we take another hit as our Silent Sha-vi was taken out by the Silent Sha-vi from the opponent deck. Our featured card, Djinn Chwala howver, gets us back in the battle as the Ravenhood Warden was eliminated by the blast damage from a hit on Pelacord Deceiver.Later, in the round, the Pelacord Deceiver killed himself from Thorns of Djinn Chwala. And from the last hit of the round, the Scale Doctor took out the Lira by blast damage.

  • Round 3:


And we start off the third round with our victory as the Djinn Chwala gets another kill by dealing the killing blow on Silent Sha-vi from the first turn of the round.


THE BATTLE LINK : Interested to watch the full battle ? You can watch it here

Did My Strategy Work?
My ideal strategy for Explosive Weaponry battles is to play monsters with Reflection Shield at the second and second last position to negate the damage and play monsters with high speed so that we can attack before the opponent. However, since we do have have any monsters with Reflection Shield, we went for fast Silent Sha-vi at the end hoping for a few misses and played the Fiend as the meat shield to consume Blast damage once Silent Sha-vi takes a hit. For the front of the line up our streategy was purely offensive with Djinn Chwala with it's Thorns and Enrage. As expected, we found the opponent's Pelacor Deceiver killing itself by Thorns and with the help of Enrage, the stats of Djinn Chwala
buffed the stats greatly and it was able to demolish the opponent deck's front line. As a protection to Explosive Weaponry at the second position we played Ritwing that did it's job well with being a meat shield and we were able to get the deserved victory.

Do I like Djinn Chwala? Why or why not?
Most of Dragon cards are quite powerful and it is unfair dislike any of them. Having said that, Djinn Chwala is one of my favorites. The stats and abilities the card offers for 8 mana is quite commendable and it has it's place reserved in my line ups quite often.
Being a Reward card, I was able to buy relatively cheap copies of the card to max it out. Reward cards are always underapprecited in Splinterlands when in print. Now that the card is out of print, I feel the player base will appreciate the card more and it's value and demand will increase more.

Do support my article if you found it interesting.

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Until you come across my post again ...


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Another great post my friend! 😆