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Hello Fellow Hivers!
Looks like we have started 2023 in a positive manner as the Crypto market has slightly recovered which is exciting news for our beloved Splinterlands. Let us hope that this continues and we have our bull market with new players coming to the game.
After a couple of weeks I have decided to participate in the Weekly Battle Challenge. And today my post will be about a battle featuring this week's card, Djinn Inferni.
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Djinn Inferni is the eldest of the ancient wardens of fire, spirits of flame that dwell in the deepest rivers of stone. Second only to Lord Janai himself, he is prideful and cunning, but fiercely loyal to his master. With the opening of the rift and the betrayal of Djinn Muriat he has taken up a blood oath of vengeance against the chaos exercitus, rising to the surface to lay waste to the enemies of stone and fire.

The Fire splinter has always been dominant for it's melee monsters that demolishes the opponents, archery too is widely used courtesy of Yodin Zaku. But, it has never been appreciated for it's magic monsters as our wait continues for a Fire Summoner that buffs up magic.
But before we see the card in action, let's have a look into the details and stats of the card.


Rarity: EPIC
Element: FIRE
Attack: MAGIC
Giant Killer

Djinn Inferni is a 7 mana high magic damage dealer known for it's dominance over high mana monsters with it's Giant Killer ability at all levels.
At level 1, the card has 3 magic damage, 3 speed and 4 hp. Later, at level 3, the card gets an additional magic damage making it 4 which at the highest level reaches to 5 which is devastating.
The card also gets it's second ability of Stun at level 5 making it deadly specially with Jacek.
For our today's battle, we will be covering a battle in which we are using a level 3 version of the card.



  • Mana Cap : 54
  • Rule sets :
    Tis but Scratches: All Monsters have the Cripple ability.
  • Available Splinters :


Summoner63For this battle, we chose a level 3 Conqueror Jacek which boosts up all allies with 2 additional speed, adds piercing and scattershot. The mana and rule set for the match just felt right for a line up surrounding Jacek.
Position 1113As our tank, we are playing the hard hitting Grum Flameblade with 4 melee damage, 1 speed, 5 armor and 14 hp. The card also offers insane abilities like Bloodlust Void Armor Void & Giant Killer. This is undoubtedly one of the best tanks from Chaos Legion.
Position 258At the second position, we have placed a level 8 Radiated Brute which is a perfect melee attacker from second position with 3 melee damage, 4 speed and 6 hp. Though the base stats feel a bit underwhelming, the card's strength lies in it's Enrage ability.
Position 395In the third position, we have placed a level 5 Lava Launcher. Being a reward card, this card does not get the recognition it deserves. At level 5, it comes with 4 archery damage, 3 speed, 7 armor and 6 hp along with Close Range and Stun.
Position 473In the fourth position, we have our card of the week, Djinn Inferni. The level 3 version of the card we are playing in this battle is having 4 magic damage, 4 speed and 3 hp. The card also comes with Giant Killer which will come very handy is high mana matches like this one where we can anticipate high mana monsters.
Position 573In the next position, we are playing a level 3 gold foil Ash Mirage from the Riftwatchers edition. The card comes with 2 archery damage, 5 speed and 7 hp. It also comes with the useful debuff ability of Headwinds
Position 683In the last position, we have placed a level 3 Countess Sinash from the latest reward card set. At this level the card comes with 4 archery damage, 4 speed and 4 hp along with game changing abilities like Opportunity Camouflage Swiftness & Affliction.


Summoner42For the summoner, the opponent chose a level 2 Obsidian, the dreadful earth summoner from Chaos legion that increases the magic attack of all allies by 1.
Position 182At the first position, we will be facing a level 2 Unicorn Mustang, one of the best tanks in game to counter magic with 3 melee damage, 4 speed, 11 hp along with Void.
Position 262In the second position of the deck, we are facing a level 2 Sporcerer that comes with 2 magic damage 1 speed, 6 hp and Rust.
Position 341In the third position, the opponent decided to play a level 1 Queen Mcelia, one of the best support cards of Chaos Legion with 1 magic damage 1 speed and 4 hp along with Protect ability.
Position 463In the fourth position, the opponent placed a level 6 Goblin Psychic, the card best known for it's magic damage and Tank Heal ability. The card comes with 2 magic damage, 1 speed and 5 hp as the base stats.
Position 582In the fifth spot, we will be facing a level 2 Mitica Headhunter, the hard hitting archery monster from Untamed edition. At this level the card is having base stats of 4 archery damage, 5 speed and 6 hp along with Snare ability.
Position 692In the last spot, we will be facing a level 2 Mycelic Slipspawn with 2 magic damage, 2 speed and 11 hp. The card's Taunt ability makes it a very useful meta card.


  • Round 1:


In the first round, none of the teams were able to get a kill as we were randomly taking out hp from the enemy back line with Scattershot.

  • Round 2:


Round two started off bright for us as our card of the week, Djinn Inferni takes out the Queen Mycelia from the opponent team in a single hit followed by another kill by Countess Sinash who eliminates Mitica Headhunter fro the fifth position. Later in the round, Lava Launcher joins the party as it takes out the tank, Unicorn Mustang. The round was not over and so was the opponent team's misery as Grum now gets the kill of Sporcerer taking us even closer to the victory.

  • Round 3:


In the third round, our Countess Sinash gets her second kill of the battle as she wipes out the remaining hp of the Mycelic Slipspawn. And later in the round, we got our victory as the Lava Launcher got the last kill of the battle by taking out the Goblin Psychic.


THE BATTLE LINK : Interested to watch the full battle ? You can watch it here

Did My Strategy Work?
My strategy was basically out speeding the opponent team with Conqueror Jacek and our featured card, Djinn Inferni's role was to demolish any high mana monsters we face with deadly magic hit combined with the Giant Killer ability.
However, we did not face any high mana monster and our Djinn Inferni got us one kill in the battle which happen to be one of the most important monsters from the opponent line up.
Though we did not face the strongest of teams in this battle, we got our victory in 3 rounds without losing any card from our deck. So, our strategy definitely worked out.

Do I like Djnn Inferni? Why or why not?
Magic monsters are always deadly specially when they deal massive damage like Djinn Inferni does. Without a doubt, Djinn Inferni is one of my favorite damage dealers from the Fire Splinter paired with Jacek. It is an absolute joy to see the card wiping off random enemy cards with a single hit, specially the high mana monsters. Even though I only own a level 3 version of the card, it is strong enough to win us matches in gold league. However, leveling the card to level 5 makes it more deadly with Stun and I would absolutely love to own a level 5 copy of the card.

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If you have not played Splinterlands yet and interested in joining the game, you may use my affiliate link to get started and I will hook you up with a few competetive cards delegated.


Until you come across my post again ...

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It’s exciting that the crypto market is actually going up, I don’t just know how the splinterland games work, I can see many people are actually benefiting from it which is very good to hear


Indeed. It is a fun game, if you are interested to give it a try let me know, I will try to help as much I can.


Okay but someone has explained to me before but I still didn’t understand it😒😒