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Hello Fellow Hivers!
Hope everyone is enjoying a cosy weekend as we are about to say goodbye to the first month of the new year already.
As a good sign, the crypto market continues to look decent as BTC hit 23k USD again in the last week and holding up well.
Today, like the previous weekends I am here to talk about a card in splinterlands as we go through the details of the card and see it in action as well.
If you are not sure what Splinterlands is, make sure to give this articles a read and at the end you will find some information to get started with the game.



Nerissa is a proud warrior of the water. Armed with her enchanted trident, she defends the seas, the rivers, and the lakes. She is well known across coastal villages, and they often call on her for help. She has slain great sea beasts that would otherwise kill everyone in their path. She has rescued sailors from hurricanes, and even warned villages of incoming tsunamis to save lives. Her bravery and brilliance in battle have led to her being called Nerissa the Hurricane.
Nerissa was born and raised by the ocean, and could swim before she could walk. She always felt the sea called to her. And within her it stirred a deep magic. An ancient mana of tides and waves. Nerissa answered the call, and travels between the continents of the Splinterlands.
When settlers and explorers made their way to Praetoria, Nerissa was there to help with every step of the journey. But the blight that gripped the land worried her deeply. Its corruption spread into the waters that she loved so dearly. She often caught herself crossing paths with Igor the Finback and his tribe of Trench Dwellers. Each time she had to pull back or risk all of them attacking her at once.
When Nerissa learned of the deeper plot of the Chaos Legion, she vowed to defend Praetoria and its inhabitants with her life.

The Water splinter has always been dreaded for it's magic monsters teamed up with summoners like Valnamor and Alrich Stormbringer. However, with the introduction of Chaos Legion, the Water splinter has become more of a destructive force with melee monsters teamed up with Kelya and Possibilus.
But, that does not mean Chaos Legion did not bring any good magic monsters in Water splinter.
Nerissa Tridawn is a heavy magic damage dealers that is overlooked by many but it often finds it's way to be part of many winning teams.
Before we see the card in action, let's have a look into the details and stats of the card.


Rarity: EPIC
Element: WATER
Attack: MAGIC
Abilities: N/A

Nerissa Tridawn is a 9 mana card from the Water splinter that drops some serious magic hits whenever used in battle. Though the card does not have any ability even at the max level, it's base stats alone can win you matches.
At level 1, the card comes with 3 magic attack, 2 speed and 9 hp making the card quite handy. At level 4 with the extra magic damage, Nerissa Tridawn becomes even more deadly as it's magic damage reaches 5 at the max level. The card is however not the fastest one as it's maximum speed being 3 at level 3 and above. The car however has a decent hp of 11 at level 5 and above.
For our today's battle we are using a level 1 Nerissa Tridawn.



  • Mana Cap : 29

  • Rule sets :
    Briar Patch: All Monsters have the Thorns ability.
    Aim True: Attacks always hit their target.
    Back to Basics: Monsters lose all abilities.

  • Available Splinters :


Summoner46For this battle like most of my battles, we chose a level 6 Kelya Frendul which will give all of our allies +1 armor and +1 speed. Kelya is undoubtedly one of the strongest summoners from Chaos Legion and one of the most popular ones too. It is also the most expensive rare summoner from Chaos Legion,
Position 101In the first position, we have placed a level 1 Torrent Fiend. The 0 mana card comes with 1 melee damage, 2 speed and 1 hp which is a perfect meat shield to fill in the last spot of the team.
Position 283At the second position, we have placed a level 3 Djinn Oshannus. Though the card comes with Void Phase and Forcefield abilities, due to the Back to Basics rule set, he is stripped off all abilities and left with the base stats of 2 magic damage, 5 speed and 11 hp which alone is good enough.
Position 391In the third position, we have gone ahead with our card of the week, Nerissa Tridawn. At level 1 the card is offering us with magic damage, 2 speed and 9 hp. The 3 magic damage can come in ery handy is such battles.
Position 424In the fourth position, we have our placed a level 4 Igor Darkspear. This is a card I play a lot in low mana battles as for 2 mana, the card offers 2 ranged damage, comes with 3 speed and 4 hp. The Stun ability the card has can not be utilized in the battle though.
Position 547In the next position, we are playing a level 7 Kullu Swimhnter, the 4 mana ranged monster with 3 ranged damage, 4 speed and 6 hp. When we talk about utility for mana, we can not ask for anything more.
Position 621In the last position, we have placed a level 1 Xenith Archer, the 2 mana neutral monster with 1 archery damage 1 speed and 2 hp. Doing 1 damage each turn for 2 mana can come in handy.


Summoner44The opponent chose a level 4 Thaddius Brood as the summoner, a perfect choice for this battle as magic is the best monster to play considering the rule set for the battle as the summoner will inflict -1 to magic attack and -1 to the max hp to the opponent deck.
Position 182At the first position, we will be facing a level 2 Harklaw with 2 melee damage, 2 speed, 3 armor and 9 hp. Though the card has Shield and Immunity, it will be able to use the base stats oly in the battle.
Position 264In the second position of the deck, we are facing a level 4 Cursed Windeku with 3 melee damage, 3 speed and 11 hp. Similar to the rule set, the card also comes with Thorns ability and that is what the card is best known for.
Position 334In the third position, the opponent decided to play a level 4 Life Sapper, the sneaky little card with 2 magic damage, 3 speed and 2 hp.
Position 431In the fourth position, we will be facing the Snipe magic damage dealer from untamed, Death Elemental. The 3 mana card without the ability in this context will offer 1 magic damage at 3 speed and having 2 hp.
Position 524In the fifth spot, we will be facing a level 4 Xenith Archer. Since we are using only a level 1 version of the card, as an advantage the opponent's level 4 copy is having increased speed of 3 and hp of 3. The ranged damage is same as our 1 though.
Position 634At the last spot, we will be facing a level 4 soul strangler with 3 ranged damage, 3 speed and 2 hp for the mana cost of only 3. Perfect for a battle like this.


  • Round 1:


In the first round, our Torrent Fiend fell victim to the opponent team's Life Sapper as the only casualty of the round. Though not a massive loss, but we are down to 5 cards compared to all 6 of the opponent.

  • Round 2:


In round two, our Djinn Oshannus got the better of Harklaw by taking him out. However, later in the round, opponent team's Xenith Archer took the revenge by eliminating the Djinn Oshannus. This could be a closer battle than expected as Nerissa Tridawn is the only card left who will be able to attack from the front position as the remaining cards from our deck are ranged monsters.

  • Round 3:


We fight back as in the very first turn of the match, our Kulu Swimhunter takes out the Cursed Windeku followed by another killing blow by our Igor Darkspear on the Life Sapper giving us a huge lead.
Our featured card, Nerissa Tridawn too joins the party as she takes out the Death Elemental leaving last 2 monsters in the opponent deck.

  • Round 4:


In the fourth round, which is expected to be the last round of the battle, Kulu Swimhunter grabs another kill from the first turn of the round as it eliminated the Xenith Archer followed by the kill by Igor Darkspear as it eliminated the last monster Soul Strangler and took us to victory.


THE BATTLE LINK : Interested to watch the full battle ? You can watch it here

Did My Strategy Work?
Since the battle had Briar Patch Aim True Back to Basics rule sets we focused on monsters with decent hp, magic damage and ranged damage and kept the high hp magic monsters in the front to attack from the front position as the ranged monsters could attack from the back. Having high hp magic monsters like Nerissa Tridawn and Djinn Oshannus turned out to be the match winning decision. Though, Nerissa Tridawn managed to get only 1 kill in the battle, it played a very good role as a second tank so that our ranged monsters could attack and get the kills.

Do I like Nerissa Tridawn? Why or why not?
Nerissa Tridawn has the perfect balance between magic damage and hp that comes in quite handy specially in high mana matches. It surely shows us that having multiple abilities are not always required to perform well in battles. The card is one of the relatively costly epic monsters and that is the reason I do not own a leveled up Nerissa Tridawn even though I do like the card.

Do support my article if you found it interesting.

If you have not played Splinterlands yet and interested in joining the game, you may use my affiliate link to get started and I will hook you up with a few competetive cards delegated.


Until you come across my post again ...

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