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Hello Fellow Hivers!
Hope you all are enjoying your first weekend of March.
Today, we will be talking about a Splinterlands battle featuring the card of the week, Spirit Hoarder.
If you are not sure what Splinterlands is, make sure to give this articles a read and at the end you will find some information to get started with the game.



When the Chaos Legion opened their portals to begin the invasion of Praetoria, the great vortexes tugged at the edges of time and space, drawing in matter from other realms. These portals were so powerful that other beings were dragged through against their will, snatched from their own worlds. And so it was that the Spirit Hoarder found itself walking the lands of Praetoria. No one truly knows where it originated from, but the consensus remains the same: They wish the Spirit Hoarder would return and no longer blight the Splinterlands with its wicked presence.
Described as almost dryad-like in its appearance by the few that have lived to tell the tale, the Spirit Hoarder is a faceless creature aside from two large, yellow eyes. Its body is a deep green with tributaries of aqua blue running through its skin, converging into jagged dorsal vertebrae along its back, and the uneven ruts of its head almost look like broken wood jutting away from the otherwise smooth and serene outline of its body. The alien appearance of this creature makes it difficult to tell where it resided on its home world, and it is likely at some point in evolution its habitat was in water, but now it is clear that it makes its home on solid ground and is completely terrestrial.
Granted, it is a docile looking creature, but the gnarled staff it carries, with branches twisted into a series of synchronised patterns, holds a sinister, spinning orb of power. It is a mystic force, the likes of which has never been seen before. This is the Vault of Spirit Hoarders and the one true source of its power. If one were to look at the orb closely enough, they would see the tormented spirits drifting inside, desperate to be free of the anguish prolonged by their eternal prison. What makes the Spirit Hoarder so utterly terrifying, though, is the indifference in which it stalks the land. The Spirit Hoarder cares not of the source of souls it takes, with both Praetorians and Chaos Legion having fallen victim to its obscene harvesting.

There are quite a few amazing Neutral cards in Splinterlands. And like I mentioned in one of my recent articles, owning or renting decent Neutral monsters are one of the best decision in Splinterlands game as we can play them alongside any Splinter.
With Chaos Legion set we have been introduced with many META changing Neutral monsters and our featured card, Spirit Hoarder is one of the most useful support monsters we have in game.
Before we see this card in action, let us quickly go over the stats and abilities of the card.


Element: NEUTRAL
Attack: MAGIC

Spirit Hoarder is a 3 mana magic damage dealer support card with 1 magic damage, 1 speed and 3 hp at level 1. Additionally the card also comes with super useful ability like Triage at level 1.
The card gets Dispel at level 2 making the card even more useful with the recent buff received for the ability.And at level 3 the card becomes amazingly good with Blind even though it does not have the best of offensive stats. At the highest level though, the card has 2 magic damage which is not bad at all for a 3 mana card. But the card's strength lies in the abilities.
For our today's battle, we will be covering a battle in which we are using a rented level 3 Spirit Hoarder because I am poor and only own 1 bcx of the card.



  • Mana Cap : 23
  • Rule sets :
    Armored Up: All Monsters have 2 Armor in addition to their normal Armor stat.
    Holy Protection: All Monsters have the Divine Shield ability.
    Little League: Only Monsters & Summoners that cost 4 Mana or less may be used in battles.
  • Available Splinters :


Summoner46For this battle, we chose a level 6 Obsidian giving all of our allies +1 to magic damage. This makes Obsidian one of the strongest and most popular summoner in Chaos Legion.
Position 146As the tank, we have chosen to play a level 6 Xenith Monk, the neutral monster with 2 melee damage, 4 speed and 7 hp. It is a very popular choice for Little League as the card costs only 4 mana and apart from the mentioned base stats, the card also comes with Heal and Void at level 6.
Position 233In the second position, we are playing our featured card of the week, a level 3 Spirit Hoarder with 1 magic damage, 1 speed and 3 hp as base stats. Additionally useful support abilities Triage Dispel and Blind
Position 346In the third position, we are playing a level 6 Venari Spellsmith, a neutral magic monster with 2 magic damage, 3 speed and 3 hp as base stats alongside Dispel and Amplify as abilities even tough they will not be of much use in the battle.
Position 443In the fourth position, we are playing a level 3 Queen Mycelia with 1 magic damage, 1 speed and 4 hp along with very well synergized abilities of Protect Amplify and Triage. This is undoubtedly one of the best support cards available in game that goes with almost any line up.
Position 533In the next position, we are playing the recently out of print legendary reward card, Djinn Biljka. For mana cost of only 3, the card comes quite handy with 2 magic damage, 1 speed and 2 hp along with Camouflage Void and Weaken. Djinn Biljka is one of the must play cards for low mana matches with Obsidian.
Position 661In the last position of our deck we are playing a 1 mana Mycelic Morphoid that provides 1 melee damage, 1 speed and 2 hp as a meat shield along with Thorns that will work nicely as a Sneak protection.


Summoner43For the summoner, the opponent chose to play a level 3 Quix, the versatile Dragon summoner with -1 to Ranged damage and -1 to speed.
Position 138At the front position as tank, the opponent decided to play a level 8 Vampire Bat. The reward card comes with 2 melee damage, 5 speed and 5 hp with Flying and Dodge.
Position 235Next, at the second position we are facing a level 5 gold foil Venari Scout with 2 melee damage, 3 speed and 5 hp with Opportunity. Quite a useful card in low mana battles.
Position 337In the third position, we are facing a low mana Chaos Legion card from the Earth Splinter, a level 7 Hill Giant with 2 melee damage, 2 speed and 8 hp with the useful ability of Stun.
Position 446Next, in the fourth position we are facing a reward cards that is perfect for the ruleset, a level 6 Dhampir Infiltrator. The card comes with 2 melee damage, 3 speed and 4 hp with Sneak Double Strike and Cripple.
Position 535In the fifth spot, we are facing another reward card with Sneak in the form of Uraeus. The level 5 card we are facing has 2 melee damage, 4 speed, 1 armor and 4 hp with Sneak and Poison. This is without a doubt one of the most played card in the game.
Position 633In the last spot, we will be facing a card we are playing in our deck, a level 3 Djinn Biljka. Let's see which one does better.


  • Round 1:


The battle started with Vampire Bat missing it's attack on our Xenith Monk proving the usefulness of Spirit Hoarder's Blind. And just before the first round is over, our Djinn Biljka eliminates the Vampire Bat.

  • Round 2:


We started off the round poorly as our Mycelic Morphoid is eliminated by the Poison from Uraeus. Later in the round, our Djinn Biljka gets another kill as it takes down the Venari Scout.

  • Round 3:


In this round, we face a heavy blow as our Queen Mycelia gets eliminated by Dhampir Infiltrator.
However, we fight back soon, as our Djinn Biljka gets another kill by eliminating the Hill Giant.

  • Round 4:


In the round, our deck continues to dominate as our Venari Spellsmith gets it's first kill by taking out the dangerous Dhampir Infiltrator. And our Djinn Biljka gets it's remarkable fourth kill of the battle by taking out the Uraeus.

  • Round 5:


In the fifth and final round of the battle, our Venari Spellsmith gets us the victory as it takes down the Djinn Biljka which happens to be the last monster from the opponent line up.


THE BATTLE LINK : Interested to watch the full battle ? You can watch it here

Did My Strategy Work?
My strategy was plain and simple. Take down the enemy front line with heavy magic damage while we make the most of our featured card Spirit Hoarder's Blind ability as every miss will matter in a low mana battle like this.
And our comprehensive victory in the battle proves how well my strategy worked out. Our Djinn Biljka proved to be the real MVP of the battle with 4 kills in the battle. Though, our featured card Spirit Hoarder did not manage to get any kills, it did prove to be a very good support card with it's abilities and the opponent kept missing us because of the Spirit Hoarder's Blind ability as predicted even though we were debuffed with -1 speed by Quix.

Do I like Spirit Hoarder? Why or why not?
Spirit Hoarder undoubtedly one of the best low mana support cards available in the game and being a neutral card, we are able to tag it along with any splinter making it even more versatile. Though the card is not the best damage dealer, that is not what the card is meant for as Spirit Hoarder adds very useful abilities to the deck and contributing heavily for victories as we just experienced from our today's battle.

Do support my article if you found it interesting.

If you have not played Splinterlands yet and interested in joining the game, you may use my affiliate link to get started and I will hook you up with a few competetive cards delegated.


Until you come across my post again ...

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