Hive-Engine Tokens Price Today, (12 Token)


Hello everyone. I calculated the hive equivalents of the 12 Hive-Engine tokens that I think are used the most.

The purpose of this content is to calculate and list how many of each token equals 1 Hive. And creating an archive about it.

Now we can examine the token values.


2.07 BEE1 Hive
728 DEC1 Hive
9.43 LEO1 Hive
84 CENT1 Hive
9.48 SPS1 Hive
87 POB1 Hive
663 SPT1 Hive
21.8 PIZZA1 Hive
238 ONEUP1 Hive
1.15 VOUCHER1 Hive
7.67 WAIV1 Hive
59 PKM1Hive

Comment: I create this content once a week. Compared to last week, the vast majority of tokens are down. Only Waiv and Pizza have gained some value. But others have dropped drastically. With the hive pumping, many people sold their tokens and bought hive, so the tokens went down. For example, VOUCHER dropped below 1 hive after a long time. This is remarkable. Let's see where the Hive and Tokens will go...

The values ​​here were like this when I was doing the calculation. It can change instantly. I do the calculations based on the highest buy order on

See you again.