How Many Tokens 1 Hive? 20.09.2021



Hello there. Hive has been holding above $0.70 for a long time for the cryptocurrency market. It fell as low as $0.60 today.

On this activity, I wanted to take a look at how many Hive Engine Tokens have 1 hive. I don't know if this drop in hive has affected the tokens. If the decline is long-term, I think there may be a turn towards tokens. In this case, token values ​​will increase.

Let's take a look at the current situation.

Since it will be difficult for me to include all tokens here, I will include a few tokens that I think are used a lot.


  • 1.71 BEE = 1 Hive
  • 115 DEC = 1 Hive
  • 2.99 LEO = 1 Hive
  • 67 CENT = 1 Hive
  • 2.78 SPS = 1 Hive
  • 3.51 POB = 1 Hive
  • 60 SPT = 1 Hive
  • 2.64 PİZZA = 1 Hive
  • 2,817 STARBITS = 1 Hive

Note: These values ​​are instantaneous. It can change at any time. Calculated based on the highest available buy order.

There is no noticeable upward trend in tokens for now. However, the recent decline seems to have come to an end. Let's see what happens in the next days...

See you again.

Take care of yourself and your hive.