Sometimes say no to investing


We always want to be more than who we are now,we always try everything possible to be better than what we where by learning more skills, getting more knowledge, adding more value to ourselves


Especially trying to save for the future ,by investing in some stock that will bring more income to our portfolio,all this is good by trying to be better person than who we were before

But sometimes investing is not enough ,I mean sometimes investing is not the right things to do , sometimes we need to eat all what we have , sometimes we don't need to save our income

Everytime you will hear invest Because of the future , invest because of the future but the truth is no one knows what the future hold,don't you think now if you did not eat enough you may die before the future comes

Come to think of it this life is vanity upon vanity, I had a friend back then who died in young ,all I could think of now is this life I vanity,he had a plan ,he had investment ,he had dreams but in short all this boom and went off in seconds,he worked hard as me and you is working hard right now for the future to come but the future never came

Imagine you had some investment no one knows about, imagine you had some billions in a save bank account no one knows about or you had some coins in your wallet which no one knows about ,all will be gone when you are gone also

Your house someone else will live in it ,your car someone else will drive it ,your property someone else will control it ,I never said investment is not good enough but when you are working for the future work smart,you need the enjoy what you work for

You are the first priority before anything else,when you are working for the future never lost yourself ,if you die today the best thing people will do is to weep and weep for only a week,it that is not even much ,when you are gone everything you have will belong to someone else

I pray we enjoy what we work for , thanks for reading


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