HIVE BlockChain Offers a Variety of Earning Opportunities Simply by Holding Hive Coin.

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Hello everyone, how are you doing and how is your life going? I hope you are all well and having a good time with your loved ones. In this post, I will discuss HIVEs and the benefits of owning them. As we all know, hive is a decentralised Blockchain that is backed and based on various technologies. Hive Blockchain is based on two coins, HIVE and HBD, with HBD being a stable coin and HIVE being a coin whose price can fluctuate.


Is it necessary to select a community to share your blog?

Hive arose from the hard fork of steem and steemit, and it is now used for context creation and blogging. You can use this platform to showcase your talent and receive upvotes from various accounts. As a result, this is one of the best platforms for earning a consistent income while blogging and sharing your ideas with others. There are numerous communities on this platform from which you can choose and share your post. This is an important consideration when selecting the appropriate community for posting.



As previously stated, you can earn hive by posting and receiving upvotes. Another way to generate passive income is to upgrade your hive and delegate to @leo.voter. This is the LEOFINANCE delegation team, and they are offering the best APR of 16% in the form of Leo tokens. There are many more delegatees to whom you can delegate your hive and earn the highest passive income, but I prefer leofinance.


Is staking possible in HIVE?

There are many coins that allow you to earn money simply by staking them, such as ADA, BUSD, USDT, and many others. Hive also allows you to earn money by staking your hive, which provides you with a double benefit. I'm not sure if anyone has noticed the staking, but they do provide APR, though the APR is currently lower. Simply power up your hive and earn a variable-rate passive income of 3 to 4% APR.



Along with these passive income streams, you can also earn money from HBD. As previously stated, this is a stable coin, similar to USDT. To keep the peg ratio and keep the price from falling, they are offering a 20% APR just for putting your HBDs in savings. This is an excellent opportunity to generate excellent passive income simply by purchasing a home and putting it into savings. You have three days to withdraw your money if you want to. However, keep in mind that your savings amount will be locked for three days after you deposit it.

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What is the expected hive price in the future?

They are supported by the best technology, and the release of various hive games such as SPLINTERLANDS, RISING STARS, PSYBERX, and many more can drive up the price. Many more games related to the hive are on the way. The platform is running smoothly on merit without any kind of plagiarism, which attracts people's attention. I'm keeping an eye on the market and notice that many people are buying HIVE and accumulating at this price. I wish and hope that the price will be $5 in three years.

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