Guide for Bronze tier players to increase your power to rank up to Silver league


Hello Guys, I'm aliengum23 and I am also just beginning my journey here at Splinterlands. I am here to guide all the newbies from Bronze tier on ways on how you can rank up to silver to earn some DEC. OK, let's start.

First you'll need some DEC or credits approximately more or less 50 DEC to rent some cheap but powerful cards like the following to power up your deck. Right now I am focused on using the water deck meta with the Venari wavesmith, Torhillo, Djinn Oshannus, Kelp, Axe master and Sea monster. You can also add a Captain's ghost to counter healing splinters.


You'll definitely have advantage on other players with this cards and can shoot your rank up to Silver tier easily with the mana cap and rules on bronze it is very easy to do, just memorize the placing of cards by mana cap and play intelligently with the rules of the current battle.

By the time you get to 1000 rank points you will have enough DEC to rent for Silver tier with 15k power needed to jump to the league. By this time your ECR would be reduced to 60-50% so you need to rent only 1 Gold foil card (Legendary) you can snipe at the market for rentals for cheap GF Legendary cards but be fast, because there are so many players sniping cheap rental cards there. You can also go to to find cheap GF cards there.

All in all, Splinterlands is a mind and strategy game and you can definitely earn to play this game or play to earn whatsoever. At the current moment I earn abou 1200 DEC per day I also invest on cards and this is the right way to play this game if you really want to earn, you'll have to invest on the cards so you will be rewarded by the game.

That's all thank you and sorry for my english it is not my native language. :)