Splinterlands - My fourth and most unsuccessful Chaos Legion Pack so far



I still buy the Chaos Legion Pack whenever possible. I remind you that according to my plans to buy them until my loss exceeds $ 100
My fourth pack cost me $ 2.58 for a voucher and $ 4 for credits


Naturally, the pack with the use of the potion was opened. I still have a lot of them.
But it didn't help much, because the market value of the cards was only $ 0.69.
So this pack sent me down $ 5.89
But in my humble opinion, the result at this point in time is very good. In addition, I conceived a Hive & HBD Savings Challenge in which I decided to add more SPS and LEO.
But DEC decided to save in increments of 1 and not 0.01, which, firstly, is quite realistic (for me), and secondly, by the end of 2022, it will allow accumulating 66795 DEC. You just need to decide where to send them. Maybe it will be Diesel Pools, maybe BeeSwap, or maybe I'll just keep it in the game for the sake of increasing the SPS airdrop

Total: -1.96+0.27+5.4-5,89 = -2.18

Therefore, until my loss exceeds $ 100, I will continue to hope for luck.