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Hello Splinter-bites, I hope you are doing well on this bright and shiny day.


With such a gleaming day, I want to share with you guys a deck that was the star of the Silver and Gold league before I went MIA. This was in the Bronze league, still trying to get out of it but some of the people here have the craziest deck. They have like $300 deck on play and still here in the Bronze league, it's truly crazy that because of such people I cannot ascend ahead where my invested cards would get to use their rightful damaging effects. Don't worry, I have some of those battles where I took the L stored away, safely. You could be the judge of whether I truly suck or the opponents are too rich.
The lowest I went was at 430 rating. now, I am at 703, hoping to jump to Silver 3 by tomorrow.

Before we get to the battle, I must address 4 aspects of the post:

  • First: Battle Conditions.
  • Second: Pre-Battle Details.
  • Third: Major Events.
  • Four: Results.

So, let's get right into it.


Battle Conditions

Screenshot (911).png

The mana cap is 21 and there are 4 summoners to choose from: Fire, Water, Life, and Death. I went with the eccentric Thaddius Brood.

The battle rules are:

  • No Rules.

The best rules to play in!

Pre-Battle Details

Screenshot (910).png

Let's start with my side:

Tank: Cursed Windeku(Ability: Thorns). This one is capped at level 2 so it has an attack of 2 with a huge HP of 10 and the summoner is capped at level 2 even though I got it to level 6.

Melee Attackers: Arachne Thug(Ability: Reach), Silent Sha-vi(Ability: Sneak).

The strategy was to hit from the front with a tank that would cause a Thorns effect and hit them from the back where the healers of ranged attackers would be.

Now, it's the opposition's turn:

Summoner: ILTHAIN(Ability: +1 Speed for all allied monsters, Return Fire).

Tank: Chaos Knight(Ability: Shield).
Melee Attackers: Stitch Leech(Ability: Sneak), Uraeus(Ability: Sneak), Battering Ram(Ability: Opportunity), Celestial Harpy(Ability: Flying, Opportunity).
Non-attackers: Chaos Agent(Ability: Dodge).

His strategy seemed to be hitting me from the back while allowing his Chaos Knight to tank from the front. Additionally, he kept his CHaos Agent in the back who had a dodge ability meaning it could potentially make my monster miss its mark.


Major Events

Round 1

Screenshot (912).png

The battle starts at the 5th turn. It was done by his Chaos Knight.

Screenshot (913).png

My Sha-vi finished off his Chaos Agent at its first attack.

Screenshot (915).png

Before the round ended, my Sha-vi was finished off by the band of sneak attackers.

Round 2

Screenshot (918).png

The Celestial Harpy sensed the Windeku had lesser HP than Arachne Thug and it went for the attack and died thanks to the thorns effect.

Screenshot (919).png

And finally, his Chaos knight falls off bravely.
Round 3

Screenshot (920).png

Next, his Battering Ram fell as it too sensed the Windeku having less HP.

Round 4

Screenshot (922).png

At the beginning of the 4th round, his Uraeus attacked my Windeku which was on the brink of collapse. Luckily, that act took off the armour on Uraeus leaving my Arachne Thug at play.

Screenshot (923).png

The Arachne Thug had 1 HP but luckily it had its turn next and deleted the neutral monster.


All in all, my strategy was the perfect counter for his. While he went to attack from the back, I did a more frontal attack. I was lucky that he did not have a monster that would increase his shield from the back as that would definitely turn my deck useless against his.

Battle Link

Battle Link

Thank you guys for reading this far, I hope you enjoyed the gameplay and picked up on a few strategies. See you legends on the next one!