Brutality Of Bloodlust | Splinterlands X Social Media Challenge

Hello splinter-cells. I hope you are doing well in game and in life.



One of the most entertaining aspect of the game is the Bloodlust ability of the monsters. I happen to have such a monster thanks to the guild packs. This one that I’m about to present to you guys is probably the most efficient monster that you must have in your deck.

They are 4 parts of the post before you get to see the gameplay:

  • First: Battle Conditions.
  • Second: Pre-Battle Details.
  • Third: Major Events.
  • Fourth: Results.

And, at the end of the post is the gameplay.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Battle Conditions


The mana cap was 41. There were 5 summoners you could choose from Fire, Water, Nature, Death, and Dragon. A high mana cap, perfect for summoners like Fire, Water, and Dragon should you have the right monsters for it. I went with the Death summoner, Thaddius Brood. The debuffs were what attracted me to it, a decrease in HP and in magic damage. The opponent, however, surprised me with his choice of summoner.

The battle rules are:

  • Are you not Entertained?: One additional gladiator card may be used in battles.
  • Rise of the commons: only common and rare monsters may be used in battles.


Pre-Battle Details


Let’s start off with my side:

Tank: Cursed Windeku(Ability: Thorns). This one was upgraded to level 4 and so it has an attack of 3 with a huge HP of 11 and the summoner is capped at level 4 even though I got it to level 6.
Melee Attackers: Arachne Thug(Ability: Reach), Silent Sha-vi(Ability: Sneak).
Ranged Attackers: Queen Of Crows(Ability: Headwinds), Liza Fox(Ability: Bloodlust).
Magic Attackers: Venari Bonesmith(Ability: Life Leech, Poison).

What I wanted was to attack from all sides while increase the overall HP and gain some bloodlust. Hence, I placed my monster with the high speed, Sha-vi, in the back as it could dodge enemy attacks and behind the Queen of Crows I kept the Venari Bonesmith to allow it to gain as much HP as possible. Queen of Crows would reduce all the ranged attacks by 1 and the Bonesmith would have a chance to inflict a poison effects on the enemy monsters. The tank would do a thorn damage when hit and the Arachne Thug does a generous damage on their tank.

The damage from melee attackers are 9, from Ranged attackers are 6, and from magic attackers are 1. Considering a thorns ability, we get an overall of 18 damage with an increase in HP every round. Should the Bonesmith inflict the poison attack, the damage of 2 befall the enemy every round without fail. Hence, a grand total of 20 damage.

Let’s look at the Opposition’s side.

Summoner: Obsidian(Ability: increase in magic damage for all ally monsters with magic attack).

Tank: Unicorn Mustang(Ability: Void).
Magic Attackers: Regal Peryton(Ability: Flying), Goblin Psychic(Ability: Tank Beal), Mycelic Slipspawn(Ability: Taunt).
Melee attackers: Katrelba Gobson(Ability: Bloodlust, Sneak, Double Strike), Venari Scout(Ability: Opportunity).

His strategy was sound. He wanted his tank to take out the enemy(my) tank while receiving reduced magic damage from the front while the Goblin would continue to Heal up the tank. The Slipspawn would attract all the other attackers while doing damage but the worst thing in his deck was Katrelba Gobson. She would strike twice, doing a damage of 4, and if she ended up killing a monster her Bloodlust ability would trigger and increase all of her stats. Pretty terrifying.

His overall melee attackers would do a damage of 8, his magic attackers would do a damage of 5. No addition of magic damage as my summoner would cancel out his summoner’s ability and reduce an HP overall. Hence, an overall damage of 13.

Major Events

Round 1


The round began at the 5th turn after all the summoner trains and monster abilities were implemented. The first attack was done by the Regal Peryton which was not surprising.


By the end of the first round his Slipspawn was down and out, it could not withstand all the devastating blows from the Sha-vi and Fox.


In the the end, the Goblin healed up the tank and attacked my tank. Luckily, his Gobson missed her attack. That meant that her overall damage down by 4 to a total of 9.

Round 2


In the first few turns, his Venari Scout was taken out by my Sha-vi. Then, his tank got to eliminate my tank but got hit with the thorns.


And finally, my Liza Fox’s time came along. He deleted the Unocorn Mustang with one hit and achieved Bloodlust. Instantly, all of his stats increased that in turn increased my overall damage.


In the end, his Goblin healed up the acting tank and dealt a good damage to the Arachne Thug. His Gobson’s attack connected this time and reduced my Sha-vi’s HP to 2.

Round 3


My Sha-vi took out his Katrelba Gobson, the only attacker with a good stat. And, his Regal Peryton was taken out by the Liza Fox. This time too all of it’s stats increased, this further increased the overall damage.


Lastly, his Goblin was the only one left. It was deleted by my Arachne Thug.



Thankfully, my Sha-go was in the back. It dodged the attack from Gobson and further reduced the enemy attack per round. That itself turned a heard earned victory to a comfortable battle. My overall damage per round was way higher than his. I am truly surprised that it took 3 rounds instead of 2 to do his monsters in. It was a good game, an easy one when I spotted his Summoner.


Battle Link

Battle Link

Thank you guys for reading this far, I hope you enjoyed the gameplay. See you legends on the next one.