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Hello guys, I hope you are doing well in life and in gaming.



This gameplay is one of my recents and I was lucky to get this vic after a series of Ls as all of my rented cards were returned to their owners. Prior to this match I had rented back a few monsters that I shall discuss in the next shared gameplay.

There are 4 parts in this post before you get to the gameplay:

  • First: Battle Conditions.
  • Second: Pre-Battle Details.
  • Third: Gameplay.
  • Fourth: Results.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the main events of todays post.

Battle Conditions


The mana cap is 31 and there was only 1 summoner to choose: Fire. Now, I only had Tarsa with me and the wild goat that would give me access to Gladiator monsters but I went in with Tarsa. My gladiator cards didn’t have what I needed for this battle.

The battle rules are:

  • Tis but scratches: all monsters have cripple ability.
  • Aimless: all monsters have scattershot ability.

Pre Battle Details


Let’s starts with my team first.

Tank: Living Lava(Ability: Shield).
Attackers: Radiated Brute(Ability: Reach), Tenyii Striker(Ability: Sneak), Serpentine Spy(Ability: Opportunity).
Blocked attackers: Disintegrator(Ability: Demoralive).

I wanted to suffer minimal damage from the back while keeping my offence was tip top. Hence, I kept the Living lava in front to get lesser damage on top of Disintegrator.

My overall damage per round was 13 combined with the frontal and back end attackers when we add in the summoner boost. However, until his Disintegrator is taken out, my overall damage dealt was 9. My Disintegrator was a blocked attacker so I couldn’t get a hit, hence lower damage dealt per round.

Now, his turn.

Summoner: Skargore(Ability: Rage).
Tank: Uraeus(Ability: Martyr).
Melee attackers: Serpentine Spy(Ability: Opportunity).
Magic Attackers: Spirit Hoarder(Ability: Triage, Dispel).
Blocked attackers: Disintegrator(Ability: Demoralize), Scorched Fiend(No Ability), Coeurl Lurker(Ability: Taunt, Dodge, Phase).

In this game, a moderate amount of mana was allotted and he used it perfectly. His summoner made his monsters fear machines that attacked with tremendous ferocity once they were attacked themselves. The only flaw, his melee monsters were blocked and had to be freed to use their full attacking capacity.

His initial overall damage dealt was 4 until his Uraeus gets eliminated. Then his attack increases to 6. Once his Disintegrator falls, it dials back to 4 and gets stuck there.

Major Events

Round 1

The game begins at 5th turn. The first turn was his Serpentine’s. That took out my Serpentine and instantly cut my overall damage to 7.


At 16th turn, his Uraeus falls and it was up to his Disintegrator to get revenge. His Disintegrator got the martyr effect and had a good bonus to his damage, HP, and shield.
Round 2

The round starts with his Serpentine spy getting a clean hit on my Radiated Brute.


By the end of the second round, his Disintegrator had lost its shield and Coeurl had taken a damage of 2.
Round 3


The same attack sequence had been triggered. His Serpentine spy on my Radiated Brute, my Striker on his Coeurl, his Spirit Hoarder was now about to heal back his Coeurl and remove the rage effect.


Though, this round his Disintegrator fell before my Living Lava. And finally, my overall damage had been increased to 10.

Round 4


And finally, his Serpentine Spy had felled my Radiated Brute at the start of the 4th round. That reduced my overall damage by 3.


By its end, he had lost another foot soldier and it was a 3 v 3.

Round 5


Now, his Spy has to hit my Lava and that would be a good thing since my lava would negate some melee damage from it. Additionally, my Striker was gonna do a nice bit of damage on his Coeurl now that his Disintegrator was no more.

Round 6


Now, my Striker was the only one with the highest speed and so it attacks first.


Then, the Spirit Hoarder gets a cut on my lava and then finally my Living lava deletes his Hoarder making it a 3 v 1. But, his Coeurl was not going to give up that easily.

Round 7


The first turn was done by his standing monster. That way, he eliminates my Lava making it a 2 v 1. Then, my Striker got a shot at him and reduced his HP by half. That triggered his rage and increased his attack and speed.

Round 8


The first turn of Coeurl and it deletes my Striker making it a 1 v 1.


And finally, my Disintegrator stomps him for the first and last time and that’s how the match ends.


His spirit hoarders heal would revert the rage effects that his Coeurl Lurker was making each time my Tenyii Striker was attacking it making this pointless on both ends. He had the monsters, he had the better summoner, arguably, but his planning with the cards was totally bonkers. Hence, he suffered an unstoppable loss.
To be honest with you guys, since I was on a losing streak I had skipped from watching this game after one glance on the enemy deck and only then I found that I had gotten some RP, so I replayed it and that’s how I found how I had won such a one-sided looking game.


Battle Link

Battle Link

Thank you guys for watching this game, I hope you enjoyed the gameplay. See you legends on the next one!