Dark Monsters X Splinterlands


Hello fellow battlers! I hope you are doing well on this fine day.


It’s been a few days, the sun shines as brightly as me being a disappointment for my parents🥹.

Games are mere gateways into another realm, not just for me but for many others. This is a place of pure comfort, but for some people, it becomes their proving zone. That is when we, casuals, have to rage which has nothing to do with violence. Just my own thought.

So, I battled for a few minutes and got yet another victory and this one’s definitely one for the books. You could also pick a few pointers when building a deck. It was a Thaddius VS Thaddius fight, a battle between two dark souls.

Below is the highlights of the game and at the bottom of the post is the battle's link.



The mana cap was 14. We had one similar card, and the battle was a 4 v 3.

My Team

My tank was the Cursed Windeku, the second was the Life Sapper, and the last monster was Carrion Shade.


  • The Windeku can take a punch, and has an equally powerful counter. It's throns cannot be negated by any cards making it the most amazing tank, period.
  • The life sapper was a contingency card, it has the capability to turn the tide of a game IF given the opportunity. There are cards that aim for the tank or the the last card so, ideally, you would wanna put it at the centre of the deck. And, if your luck is as bad as a man being drenched by a car on a rainy day then your card would be hit by a random monster on the enemy's deck.
  • The CArrion Shade had an additional point on the attack per turn than the Slime ball even though both costs the same.
Opponent's Card

They had a Windeku as their primary card, Carrion Shade, an Undead Badger, and a chaos agent.

Round 1 - Pilot


Both the teams suffered the effect of the faction traits. THe cards with 1 HP and 1 magic power remained untouched. Sadly, all of my cards had more than 2 HP so all of them had their HP reduced but the Life Sapper's magic ability was there. His Undead badger and his chaos agent had no effect.


The Windekus exchanged blows. The Undead badger strikes down my Carrion shade. So it went to a 4 v 2 from Round f***in 1. His Carrion Shade remained still.


My Life Sapper sapped away 1 HP from the opponent's Windeku. That gave him a fighting chance against the tough opponents.

Round 2 - Amalgate


Both the Windekus charged each other and burned themselves out of the game. It was a 3 v 1, not looking good if any of his cards attacked mine right now.


Fortunately, both his cards had a 1 melee damage and only one of his cards attacked the Life Sapper. His chaos agent was a mere distraction for the monster cards that attacked for the last card of the deck.

Round 3 - Prime Survivor


The Life Sapper consumed 1 HP from the the Carrion Shade, slowly equalizing the odds. As he gained 1 HP from the Shade the Undead Badger's hit doesn't finish him off.

Round 4 - Ultimate Survivor


The Life Sapper sucked in the Badger, taking him out in the process. It was now a fight between the survivors, one who ran around and another one who stayed still.

Battle Link

Battle Link

Hope you enjoyed the game, and as always, stay well!!