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Hello splinter-lovers. I hope you all are doing well in this cool and rainy season where I am from. Too bad for others...



Today, I will show you a brilliant strategy that would land you a 75% chance to get the dub.

This would only work if you are in a battle with a meager mana cap.

Before we get to the battle link, there are 4 stages of this post:

  • Battle Conditions
  • Battle Details
  • Major Events
  • Results

So, without any further delay, let's start the post!


Battle Conditions

Screenshot (960).png

The mana cap was 17 and there were 4 summoners to choose from: Fire, Nature, Life, and Dragon.
I chose Franz Ruffmane, a fellow Life summoner who grants a shield to all fellow allies. And, yes, he also allows me to get a gladiator monster.

The battle rules are:

  • Equal Opportunity: All monsters have the opportunity ability.

Battle Details

Screenshot (954).png

Let's start with my side:

Tank: Gargoya Scrapper(No Ability).
Ranged Attacker: Venari MArksrat(Ability: Martyr).
Magic Attacker: Captain Katie(Ability: Snipe, Bloodlust).

Since there was the amazing battle rule of Equal Opportunity, the enemy monsters were destined to target my Rat. That would trigger the martyr effect and ultimately make the fair maiden(Katie) more powerful. I risked a bit by keeping Katie at the back, knowing that my opponent could've gotten a monster that would attack me from the back. This way, I wanted Katie to delete his monsters from the back before donning the tank's position.

Now, for the opposition:
Tank: Pelacor Mercenary(Ability: FLying).
Magic Attackers: Goblin Psychic(Ability: Tank Heal).

His strategy was pretty basic, as I had expected. He wanted to heal his tank while doing sizable damage from the back.

Major Events

Round 1

Screenshot (955).png

The first turn was on the 5th round and it was taken by my bloodthirsty monster, Katie.

Round 2

Screenshot (956).png

My gargoya was dead in the first round thanks to his Goblin. Next, Katie devours the Goblin and attains bloodlust.

Round 3

Screenshot (957).png

In the third round, Katie was already up at 4 magic damage and his Pelacor was about to hit the rat.

Screenshot (958).png

The martyr effect was triggered and Katie had 5 magic damage.
Round 4

Screenshot (959).png

And in the first turn of the 4th round, his last standing monster had died there.


His strategy collapsed in front of mine as his motif was to keep his tank alive but mine was to damage him from the back. Because I put down a monster with Bloodlust and another with a martyr effect, it became a bomb.

Battle Link

Battle Link

Thank you, guys, for reading this far, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Catch you legends on the next one!