Fire Legion x Splinterlands


Hello Splintercells! I hope you are doing good.



The weather is slightly changing now, I had a sudden cold in the night(the sign). In all of the time in winter I haven’t had any sort of cold. One good thing about it all was that I got to see a sky with 13 stars, 7 of them formed a Orion’s Belt and the others were scattered. The outside universe is like the bottom of our ocean, we know very little about them both.

Moving onto the main event.

Recently, I’ve been having some good battles. Especially this one I’m about to present to you guys. This battle is another one for the books for sure, and this time I was on the side of light in the battle between light and dark, yaaay😁.

Below is the highlight of the battle and at the end of the post is the Battle link.

The Battle


The battle was between Tarsa and Thaddius Brood with a huge mana cap of 28, a long battle was inbound, or so I thought. Thanks to such a mana cap I got to use all the cards that I would go for.

Team of Yours Truly

The first one on my deck was the Living Lava, the second monsters was the Serpentine Spy, the third was the Tenyii Striker, the fourth was the Djinn Apprentice, and lastly, the Spark Pixies.

  • The Living Lava has it all both HP, a defence of 2, and a huge melee damage of +3. The only drawback: it has the least amount of attack per round, meaning 1 attack per round. It’s overall stats outshines this little setback.

  • The Serpentine Spy is an underrated card honestly. It has a melee damage of 2 and 1 HP but it’s attack per round is 3 which is significantly higher than the average Tanks. Moreover, when you would add in the faction trait(addition of HP and melee damage by 1) this monster would be like a 1 hit punch.

  • Tenyii Striker is one of my most favourite cards, it locks on to the cards at the end of the deck, it has a high HP of 6 and an attack power of 2. It is a perfect blend of attacking and tanking card. Add in the effect of faction trait and this card is a friggin sucker punch.

  • The Djinn apprentice is another one of my favourite cards, this one does make the enemy shiver in fear. With a magic power of 2 and an HP of 4, hence, for a magic caster this monster can take a hit.

  • Lastly, the Spark Pixies are the only cards on the whole faction that has the highest attack per round by far, many cards tend miss this little baby. You guys can check “this”(give link) battle to see what I mean. One of the best archer in the game but it’s HP is the single 💊 that would make you think twice before taking this, a hit away from being vanquished.

Enemy Team

The first monster was the Carrion Shade, 2nd in place was the Riftwing, 3rd in place was the Soul Strangler(an archer), 4th was the Dhampir Stalker, 5th monster was the unmistakable Cursed Windeku, and lastly, the Life Sapper.

Round 1 - Endure


The faction traits were introduced and the battle was on. I didn’t get what exactly happened here. Thaddius Brood’s status effect was implemented first, a reduction in HP and magic power. The Spark Pixies and the Serpentine Spy didn’t get a reduction in HP BUT their HP didn’t increase after the status effect of Tarsa. This was a head shaker as I didn’t know why that would happen.


During the first moments of the battle: the Carrion Shade kicked the bucket, the Riftwing shone brightly for the mass to attack while their Windeku stood back.

Their Soul strangler was the next to fall. My cards still retained their stability.


The Life Sapper turned up, it absorbed 1 HP from the Living Lava and made it its own while the Riftwing suffers a 1 melee damage.


By the end of the first round, the Dhampir Stalker still stood but he has an HP of 2.

Round 2 - Survived


The round begins with the Dhampir Stalker waving the white flag while my tank just lost its shield.


This was a sequence in the battle where my cards suffered the most. Two of them to be exact. One was this Tenyii Striker who kept attacking the Cursed Windeku and had thorns all over him in the process. The second monster was the living lava, the poor guy was being sucked by the Life Sapper.


The Riftwing was shutdown by the Living Lava, a swift hit of 4 damage was delivered. It couldn’t see past the second round.

Round 3 - Overcome


The Life Sapper’s health was down to its normal HP. The final hit was passed on to the poor guy by the Serpentine Spy. A kill ratio of 2 by the Spymaster now.


It was down to a 1 v 5 for the Cursed Windeku. The Tenyii Striker was down to airs last 2 HP and the same went for Windeku.

#Round 4 - Celebrate


The Spark Pixies delivered the final blow and the end of the amazing Windeku was seen. None of my cards experienced a fall and such was the tactic of the battle that made it all possible, no losses whatsoever.

The rounds were longer due to the cards having a higher attack per round. That’s why this battle was one for the books for the strategic battle section.

Battle Link

Battle Link

Hope you enjoy the battle and see you guys on the next one.