Lust For Blood X Splinterlands

Hello, Splinter-lovers of Hive. I hope you all are doing well.

Today, I am going to show you guys an insane strategy on how to use a monster that is probably the best Bloodlust monster in the league.

This one is fairly popular among most other options in the Bloodlust monster section.



She is known as Captain Katie. Her abilities are what makes her the perfect troublemaker in low mana-capped battle like today's.

Before we get to the battle link, there are 4 stages:

  • Battle Conditions
  • Battle Details
  • Major Events
  • Results

So, without any further delay, let's start the post!


Battle Conditions

Screenshot (943).png

The mana cap was 20. There were 2 summoners to choose from: Life and Dragon. I chose Franz Ruffmane, a fellow Life summoner who grants a shield to all fellow allies. And, yes, he also allows me to get a gladiator monster.

The battle rules are:

  • NO RULES: The best rules to play in, a smol wild battle.


Battle Details

Screenshot (942).png

Let's start from my side:

Tank: Gargoya Scrapper(No Ability).
Melee Attackers: Sunkai Harvester(Abillity: Reach), Celestial Harpy(Ability: Flying, Opportunity).
Magic Attackers/Gladiator: Captain Katie(Ability: Snipe, Bloodlust).

The strategy was simple, to let the Captain do as much damage as she could before coming to the tank's position. That way, it would have a huge chance get eliminate a monster and get that bloodlust ability triggered multiple times. Bloodlust is an amazing ability that would also give me additional HP, damage, speed, and shield. The shield is not something that Captain Katie has but because of the shield she would get from Franz, the summoner, it would continuously increase with each trigger.

My total output damage was 6, 3 from melee attackers and 3 from the magic attacker.

Now. it's the opposition's turn:

Summoner: Mother Khala(Ability: Increase HP by 1 for all allies).

Tank: Imperial KNight(Ability: Void Armour).
Melee attackers: Luminous Eagle(Ability: Reach, Flying).
Non-attackers: Truthspeaker(Ability: Protect).
Blocked Attackers: Gargoya Scrapper(No Ability).

His strategy was a basic one. He wanted to strike from the front with 2 melee attackers while protecting his flank with the Gargoya and Truthspeaker. Not a bad strategy seeing how his Imperial Knight can eat up damage and hold his line for a longer time.

His total damage was 4 from the two frontal attackers. His Gargoya was useless and nobody was going to attack it either way.


Major Events

Round 1

Screenshot (945).png

The first victim was the Truthspeaker, Captain Katie deleted it in the first chance it got.

Screenshot (946).png

My Gargoya got beaten and eliminated in the first round.

Round 2
Screenshot (947).png

Unfortunately, Captain Katie targeted the Imperial Knight so it was only natural that the battle was about to drag on from here.

Screenshot (948).png

By the end of the second round, there were no losses on both sides.

Round 4

Screenshot (950).png

And finally, after getting the Sunkai beat, we finally got the Imperial Knight on its knees. Captain Katie triggers her Bloodlust one more time.

Round 6

Screenshot (952).png

My Captain eliminates the Eagle and triggers her bloodlust another time. Her damage was now 5, shield 2, and HP 9.
Round 7
Screenshot (953).png

And finally, his Gragoya was taken out of its misery after it missed its first and only chance to attack my "berserker".


His strategy and mine are like Yin and Yang. I designed my deck for resistance and counter-attack and his one is tanking and forward charge. But, as usual, counter-attack always wins.


Battle Link

Battle Link

Thank you for reading this far, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Catch you legends on the next one!


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