Missed Me x Splinterlands

Hola gamers of Splinterlands!



I hope you are doing good in this winter. If not, rest assured cuz I’m about to drop some heat!

This battle was more of a luck based game. The everlasting trio of the Thaddieus Brood Faction vs a random lady in white. It was probably a faction that he had rented before fighting me, no monster buff or debuff on my monsters. Maybe, it only increased the fire ball power of his monsters and that he had forgotten to take any that did fire attack.

At the end of the post is the battle’s link. Below is the key part of the battle, shown in parts, according to the rounds.

The Battle


As you can see, it’s a 4 v 3. A huge advantage on my side as I had the Cursed Windeku and Life Sapper. One would decrease HP when attacked and one would steal the opponent monsters HP. He had a Silver shield knight and a Stitch leech, the only commendable ones. The other two are Feral Spirit and Celestial Harpy.

Round 1-Calamity


The traits were implemented, decrease the health by 1, and none of his were really. Albeit, there was one character that did increased all the other monsters’ attack by 1.


Yeah, my Sapper was smacked out in the first round. This was the worst possible situation in a game, now it was a 4 v 2. Windeku was my only hope as the Riftwing was a mere punching bag, no attacking move whatsoever.


The Shield knight comes into contact with the Windeku but doesn’t receive the bull’s horns. The Windeku charges the knight and only got it’s armour out. The Riftwing does it’s job, l shine brightly”. That’s what Tyrese Gibson was asked to do in the scene of the penthouse party of the richest Sheikh in Abu Dhabi in Fast and Furious 7, “shine brightly”.

Round 2-Ignition


This time, the knight gets the horns. Later, the Windeku wipes out the shield knight.


From here on out, everything was a 1 hit kill. And, since the knight was out, the attack buff was now over. They were on their original attacking power.


Both the Harpy and the Leech had missed my Windeku and Riftwing, a matter of luck for them not me.

Round 3 : U-Turn


They say curiosity killed the cat, in this case, the cat leaps right into the bulls horns!


It was now the Leech’s turn. It attacks the Windeku and doesn’t get a -2 on the HP. How? It had the ability to nullify such effects of monsters.

Round 4 - Balance Imbalanced


My Windeku had only 1 HP left, the enemies were 2. 1 bites the dust, still another left. My Riftwing is still useless but shining as brightly as ever.


The key moment in the whole battle. This was going to be the deciding blow that the Harpy would deliver. But, the Harpy misses my Windeku thanks to that higher point. This miss literally costed the fell a good amount of dopamine.

There was a round 5 but we know what happens there, the final blow was struck and the Riftwing was still shining brightly. This battle is one for the Book of Luck, a letter of hope to the damned.

Battle Link

The Battle Link.